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Three new speakers, a second workshop, and the approaching end of the early bird period (24-06-2010)

Today we're presenting three new speakers, will tell you more about our second pre-conference workshop, and are starting the countdown to the end of the early bird period, just under a week away. Some 140 170 front-end developers from the Netherlands and further abroad have already acquired a ticket. Will you be our next attendee?


Just ahead of the end of the early bird period, we're pleased to announce a further three speakers. After unfortunately having to decline our invitation last year, this year he will be there. Brad Neuberg will come tell us about SVG, the possibilities of using it in combination with HTML5, and about a cool project he's currently working on, which will enable even current IE-versions to handle SVG. We're expecting SVG to become an important front-end technology in the coming years, due to factors like SVG-support in IE9 and the growing distaste of Flash by Apple. Be certain not to miss the developments in this field!

Another point of contention in HTML5 is accessibility. Most of us are working on accessibility every day, either due to the (Dutch) Webrichtlijnen, or just because we find it an important part of our work. Steve Faulkner and Hans Hillen will be giving a duo-presentation on how to use HTML5 the right - accessible - way, and when to enrich it with ARIA. In other words, they'll be talking both about built-in and about bolt-on accessibility. If you think HTML5 throws away accessibility in favour of buzzword bingo, you're wrong. Come to Fronteers 2010 to learn more! :)

The remaining six speakers for our conference will be announced during the coming months.

Workshop "Bringing Your Design to Life with CSS" by Dan Rubin

Our second workshop will be held in Felix Meritis on Tuesday the 5th of October. This workshop is mostly targeted toward designers, who'd like to learn more about the (im)possibilities of CSS and HTML. Where Andy Clarke's workshop is mostly focusing on developers who want to know all about the most advanced features of CSS, Dan Rubin's workshop is rather targeted to designers who want to start learning how to turn their own designs into full-fledged websites.

If you work with designers who just toss you PSDs to work on, but then end up following along closely with what you're doing to make it all work in the browser, this workshop comes highly recommended for them.

End of the early bird period: next week

As we already announced last month, the early bird period will last until the end of June; that is this coming Wednesday, the 30th of June. We're expecting to sell quite a few tickets yet, and there's even a (minor) risk of running out of early bird tickets before the 30th, so don't wait any longer, and buy your ticket now! :)

All fronteers members will be getting a reminder on how to get their discount in their inbox sometime on Friday. We're assuming that we've given everyone enough time and information to make their choice. After the early bird period, the ticket price is likely to go up by as much as €100.


We're still looking for a few sponsors. If you're interested, or think your boss should be, let us know and you'll come along as VIP during the speakers' dinner on Wednesday.

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See you in October!

All the speakers are still very excited, catering will be serving us absolutely delicious food, technical matters will be taken care of perfectly, the video material of all sessions will be high quality, the hotel for the speakers has been arranged, our MC is already practicing his spiel (thanks Justin!), and our ranks of volunteers are standing by to work themselves into a sweat on the days themselves (thanks Hidde, Peter, Thijs and Aaron!). In other words, we're looking forward to it all, and we hope you are too!

Edwin, Kilian, Krijn, Peter and Vasilis

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