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Fronteers 2010 ticket sale, speakers and workshops (27-04-2010)

Today we're starting to sell tickets for the Fronteers 2010 conference which is to be held on October 7 and 8 (Fronteers members, who get a discount, will receive an e-mail about this), announcing two new speakers, and revealing some of our plans regarding workshops.


After Jeremy Keith and Jeff Croft we're pleased to announce that Cameron Adams and Nicholas Zakas have agreed to speak at our conference. Cameron is the guy you should go to about interesting experiments inside the browser or comparing studies between SVG, <canvas> and Flash. Nicholas is a big name in the area of JavaScript performance and will tell us more about this and keeping your user interface snappy.

In total you can expect at least 14 unsponsored sessions.


We haven't put much focus on the area of design during our previous conferences, but for this year we've decided to host a number of design-related workshops prior to the conference. Andy Clarke will give his Advanced CSS styling workshop in the Kremlin room in Felix Meritis on Wednesday the 6th of October. Thirty seats are available for this workshop, so you can expect a more personal approach than the conference itself. The focus of this intensive workshop lies on one specific subject and you'll leave the day with a pile of new knowledge.

At this moment we're in the middle of contacting other workshoppers, so perhaps the Tuesday and Monday will be filled with workshops as well.

Ticket sale

Today we're also starting with the early-bird ticket sale. Just like last year we're using Paydro for this. You can pay with creditcard, iDEAL or on invoice. The ticket prices are a bit higher than last year, since we don't have any sponsortalks this year and Tuschinski is a bit pricier (but it's an awesome venue).

The prices for this year (excluding 19% VAT):

Early-bird ticket for 2 days € 275,00
Early-bird ticket for 1 day € 175,00
Early-bird ticket for 2 days for Fronteers members € 200,00
Early-bird ticket for 2 days for new Fronteers members (since 27-04) € 225,00
Early-bird ticket for 1 day for Fronteers members € 125,00
Workshop Advanced CSS styling € 350,00
Workshop Advanced CSS styling for Fronteers members € 275,00
Workshop Advanced CSS styling for new Fronteers members (since 27-04) € 300,00

Fronteers members will get their promocode through our mailinglist in the coming days, so hold your horses for now. Non-members can buy their ticket now.

For the workshop there is no early-bird discount, so these prices will remain the same. We don't know what the final prices will be after the early-bird, so that's still open. The early-bird period will last until the end of June, so don't wait too long!


We're still looking for some sponsors for this year. If you're interested or think that your boss should attend, let us know and you'll be a VIP during the speakers dinner on Wednesday.

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We'll use our @FronteersConf twitter account to keep up a running stream of minor updates, so if you're not following us yet, you know what to do.

Of course you can also subscribe to our RSS feed, or leave your e-mail address to receive updates in your inbox.

That's it

For now this is it; it's up to you now. Please help us promote our conference on your blog, Twitter or simply around the watercooler at work and let's together make sure Fronteers 2010 will once again be an impressive, memorable, unique kick-ass conference!

If you have any questions or remarks, like everything with Fronteers, please don't hesitate to get yourself heard!

On behalf of Fronteers: Edwin, Kilian, Krijn, Peter and Vasilis (and all other volunteers who are helping out to make Fronteers 2010 great!)

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