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Only two months remaining, and already over 300 attendees! (02-08-2010)

Just two months from now, on 5, 6, 7 and 8 October, Fronteers 2010 will take place at Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam. Right now over 300 attendees have registered for the conference: double the number of our last announcement and just as many as last year. Today we're announcing two new speakers, as well as the first four sessions.


Jake Archibald, one of the funniest speakers who happens to be really knowledgable about JavaScript as well. Jake will be telling you about how to write reusable JavaScript code. As a front-end developer of the BBC and co-author of the Glow JavaScript Library he certainly has a standing opinion about this.

Stoyan Stefanov will be telling you about the most recent developments around client-side performance, which still is an issue today.

There are four more speakers who still have to be announced, something that we will be doing in the upcoming weeks. You can expect subjects such as advanced CSS, JavaScript for beginners, HTML awesomeness and a rant about why front-enders have the most beautiful job in the world.


The first four sessions have just been announced: The Design of HTML5, High Performance JavaScript, Vector Graphics for the Web and Reusable Code, for good or for awesome!. The other sessions will be announced in the weeks to come, as soon as we receive the details from our speakers.


We're still looking for a few sponsors. If you're interested, or think your boss should be, let us know and you'll come along as VIP during the speakers' dinner on Wednesday.

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We try to keep everyone up to date about current developments via @FronteersConf. Do you have questions or remarks? Don't hesitate to let us know!

See you in October!


1 Andrei Eftimie on 02-08-2010 at 13:27 o'clock:
Can't wait! :D :D :D
2 Rudie Dirkx on 03-08-2010 at 03:15 o'clock:
This isn't English: "... he certainly got a clear opinion about this".
The rest sounds very intereseting :) Awesome location as well!
3 Peter on 03-08-2010 at 10:17 o'clock:
Thank you Rudie! The sentence has been fixed :-)
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