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We're going to sell out (again) (26-09-2010)

Only a week and a half to go! Fronteers 2010 promises to be a big success again! Here's the latest update from the organizers.

Final speakers announced

Via Twitter we already announced the final four speakers of the year. Stephen Hay and Chris Heilmann, known from the previous two years of Fronteers, will return once again. Stephen will tell us about Real-world Responsive Design, and Chris has something special up his sleeve to finish the conference with.

Besides these two old guard speakers, we will welcome Paul Irish and Robert Nyman. Robert will give us an introduction to JavaScript with JavaScript - Like a box of chocolates, showing all non-JavaScripters in the audience why they should start using this language. Paul will show how to use HTML5 optimally right now with The State of HTML5: Inaugural Address.

Change of Speakers

Unfortunately Jeff Croft has let us know that he's not going to manage to visit Amsterdam this year. Luckily we found Meagan Fisher willing to take his place and brighten our days with her visit. From her you can expect a visual extravaganze as she talks about Creating lifelike designs with CSS3, bringing nature and CSS together.

Workshop "Bringing Your Design to Life with CSS3" by Dan Rubin

The CSS3 workshop by Dan Rubin, held on Tuesday the 5th of October in Felix Meritis, has currently attracted 23 visitors. This means there's still a few more places available. Do you know a designer who you'd like to know more about the (im)possibilities of CSS, then send him or her to this workshop.

Schedule known

We also announced the provisional schedule last week. As of this week, we'll be getting in touch with the one day visitors to let us know their preferred day (if you're reading this and didn't see our email yet, but do know which day you want to come, please let us know). Small changes in the schedule are still possible, so keep an eye on it.

Almost sold out

As of this moment, we're counting on 435 attendees (!), and expect to sell the last 15 tickets in the coming days. Everyone who's still doubting (we can't imagine why you would be!): decide swiftly!

Ticket sales will end on September 29

Another reason to decide swiftly is that we'll be closing the ticket sales at Wednesday the 29th of September, at 12 o'clock noon (Dutch time). Or earlier, if we indeed reach 450 attendees before this time. By closing the ticket sales early like this, we'll be giving the volunteers who're working behind the scenes enough time to finish their work on the final list of attendees. Anyone who'd try still getting a ticket after this closing date can expect a curt "No", for which we ask your understanding.

The countdown has begun. We'll welcome both pleasant surprises and small misfortunes, as well as all 450 front-end developers from the Netherlands and abroad who'll fill the Reguliersbreestraat in Amsterdam on October the 7th and 8th.

See you then!

Aaron, Edwin, Hidde, Justin, Kilian, Krijn, Peter B., Peter S., Peter vd Z., Thijs, Vasilis en Wes


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Ik heb er zin in :-)

Vraagje: Ik wil met de motor naar de conferentie. Heb je misschien advies waar ik mijn motor zo dichtbij (veilig) mogelijk kan plaatsen?
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