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Two workshops in the days before the Fronteers conference (04-07-2011)

Just like last year Fronteers will host two intensive, high quality, day long workshops in the days prior to the conference. Derek Featherstone will host a workshop on accessibility and Lea Verou one on CSS3. There is a limited amount of tickets for these days, be sure to order yours in time!

Real World Accessibility for HTML5, CSS and ARIA

On Tuesday the 4th of October Derek Featherstone – the emperor of accessibility – will come and explain how we can build and maintain complex websites built with contemporary web technologies and keep them accessible at the same time, whatever device people use. Key knowledge for every web developer nowadays:

Derek Featherstone

You need to know what HTML5, CSS3 and ARIA can do for you, how to use them accessibly AND how reliable they are […] You need to know the nitty-gritty, get your hands dirty, practical side of accessibility for all of these technologies […] You’ll be better prepared to deliver accessible solutions now and in the future.

CSS3 for Web Developers

For those of us who want to know all about cutting edge CSS: Lea Verou – the goddess of stylesheets – will teach us all about the higher art of CSS3 on Wednesday the 5th of October. Her workshop "CSS3 for developers" is not just about the bling bling of CSS3, the main focus will be on using it in complex web applications. A must visit for every serious web developer! In her own words:

Lea Verou

CSS3, in essence, is about creating web applications that download faster and are easier to develop, maintain and edit. Less HTTP requests, less Kilobytes to download, less presentational JavaScript. And all those are mostly developer goals, rather than designer goals. And that's why developers should care about CSS3, perhaps even more than designers do.

Both workshops will be given in the center of Amsterdam, in English and they will take all day. To guarantee a personal atmosphere we have chosen to allow a maximum of 30 attendees so be sure to order your tickets in time. There is a discount for members of Fronteers who became a member before the 29th of June 2011.