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Announcing the final #fronteers15 speakers - and our MC

Posted on August 6, 2015

In keeping with the meteorological theme of our previous announcement, we've waited out the mediocre-to-poor weather that has hit Amsterdam since then, to bring you newer news when the sun is out. Well, out it is, and it's bathing the final additions to the #fronteers15 speaker roster in a warm, golden glow of front-end finesse.

Speaker Announcements

First off, we are very happy to announce Lisa Welchman as a speaker. A 20-year veteran of the industry, Lisa's specialty is digital governance. Her talk on the subject will help anyone in tech who works with other people, gain a better perspective on their work ecosystem and its power structures.

Next up, Alice Bartlett will take us deeper into the world of practical accessibility. Far too few people have seen her speak at Responsive Day Out earlier this year and we're very happy that she's taking the talk to Amsterdam. Alice's talk will provide you with a better grasp on business cases for making websites accessible - literally getting down to business when making sure the things we make are accessible.

Further broadening the topic portfolio, we're proud to announce that Sally Jenkinson will join us for a talk on open data. Sally will speak to what open data is (and what it isn't), as well as how to introduce it into your projects with an eye to practical publication and consumption.

Rounding out the speakers list, two familiar faces are joining us; after a terriffic (and shoe-free) turn as the MC for Fronteers 2014, Jake Archibald has graciously agreed to re-delight us as a speaker, giving us the nitty-gritty on service workers. Finally, Dominic Szablewski, a fellow Fronteers 2014 alum, will talk about JavaScript, video codecs and FPS optimization. You've seen a Dominic lightning talk in our gaming in the browser session last year, and by popular demand, this time he's back for a full session.

Master of Ceremonies

While we're on the subject of "this time he's back" - few people know Fronteers the way Bruce Lawson does. He is an all-star three-time Fronteers speaker (not even including his Fronteers jam session work) and he is returning to our 2015 edition as the Master of Ceremonies. Bruce will guide you, us, and the speakers through two solid days of Fronteers. Minding the clock, conducting post-talk interviews and channeling your questions. It won't be much of a surprise to hear that we're over the moon to have Bruce on as our MC.

This completes the Fronteers 2015 line-up! We're adding session descriptions left and right, so keep an eye on our Fronteers 2015 Sessions page for more information about the talks.

All Fronteers 2015 speakers

  • Bruce Lawson (MC)
  • Alice Bartlett
  • Anna Debenham
  • Chris Eppstein
  • Christian Heilmann
  • Dominic Szablewski
  • Espen Brunborg, Gordon McLachlan & Bart Oleszczyk
  • Jake Archibald
  • Lisa Welchman
  • Phil Hawksworth
  • Rachel Andrew
  • Rejo Zenger
  • Remy Sharp
  • Sally Jenkinson
  • Scott Jehl
  • Soledad Penadés
  • Wes Bos

See the fully detailed version of this list at our Fronteers 2015 Speakers page.

And most importantly... See you in October, to attend 16 wonderful talks on all aspects of front-end development. We're looking forward to welcoming you (and we hope you'll bring some of this weather with you).

Sunburnt greetings,
-- Team #fronteers15
Anneke, Joël, Sander, Michael, Jan & Thomas

About #fronteers15

Fronteers conference is one of Europe’s largest conferences on front-end web development, organised in Amsterdam yearly since 2008. The eighth edition of our single-track community conference will be held in the beautiful Pathé Tuschinski theatre on Thursday and Friday, October 8-9, 2015. A complementary day of hands-on workshops is scheduled for Wednesday, October 7.