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Job position: Front End Developer at Ripe NCC (Amsterdam)

  • Geplaatst op: 16-10-2018

Ripe NCC

If you have experience building front end user interaction with modern JavaScript and are well-versed with visualisation libraries, we have a great opportunity for you in our Research and Development Team. Our not-for-profit organisation has an international staff from more than 33 countries and we work in a vibrant, open office in the centre of Amsterdam.

Ripe NCC located in Amsterdam (next to Central Station) has a vacancy for a Front End Developer, 37.5 hours per week (80% is possible).

Your job as Front End Developer

You will be a part of our Research and Development Team, designing and developing user-interface components related to Internet-related research and development for the benefit of the Internet community. You’ll work on enhancing two important tools that thousands of network operators around the world rely on, primarily RIPE Atlas and RIPEstat. You’ll also contribute to other new tools and prototypes. You’ll work in close relation with our researchers and developers to make our tools easy to use and our data visualisations appealing.

In this role, you will:

  • Develop user-friendly interfaces for our tools using a combination of client-side code and data from our APIs.
  • Make easy-to-understand and appealing data visualisations.
  • Make sure our tools behave correctly both on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Help build new prototype tools and enhance these to full production code.

What we expect from you:

  • At least two years’ experience in building Front End user interaction with modern JavaScript (ES2015+) ideally together with tooling like webpack/rollup, babel and npm/yarn."
  • At least one year of experience using visualisation libraries (for example d3.js, three.js, cartography tools). You should be aware the potential of these tools and how to best use them.
  • Good understanding of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) aspects. You’ll need to understand the functional requirements for a design, as well as how to enhance the visual quality of our services.
  • Competencies: team worker, problem solving and problem analysis.

It would be nice if you could also:

  • Have knowledge of node.js.
  • Have knowledge of one or more of the popular frameworks like React, Vue or Angular.
  • Have basic understanding of networking protocols, especially TCP/IP, DNS and BGP.
  • Have web application programming experience using UNIX/Linux server architectures using git and CI tools (e.g. Jenkins).

What we can offer you:

  • A chance to work on unique services with a world-wide, professional audience
  • A modern, flexible and informal work environment with an emphasis on a healthy work/life balance
  • An annual salary between EUR 42,600 and EUR 61,300 (before tax). This includes the standard 8% annual “holiday pay” and a 5% end-of-year bonus.
  • Excellent secondary benefits: including relocation, a non-contributory pension scheme, 26-weeks paid parental leave, top-tier health insurance coverage for you and your family and 30 vacation days (full-time)
  • A generous training allowance per year which can be used for professional development
  • An in-house free barista and a company-wide free lunch every week.

The Team:

The RIPE NCC’s Research and Development Team develops and supports a variety of innovative tools for the performance and visualisation of a diverse set of Internet measurements. They are responsible for tools that network operators around the world rely on to optimise their networks, including RIPE Atlas, RIPEstat, TraceMON, IXP Country Jedi and RIPE IPmap. The team collaborates with the academic community and the wider research community to foster a better understanding of how the Internet works. R&D brings its work to the community through engagement at conferences and meetings throughout the year.

About the RIPE NCC

The RIPE NCC is a not-for-profit organisation founded on the belief that the Internet should be governed openly, transparently and together with the wider Internet community. We are one of the oldest Internet organisations in Europe and are proud of our legacy.

Our strongest asset is our staff. We bring together more than 150 people from more than 38 countries in our modern, vibrant office in the east wing of Amsterdam Central Station. Our official working language is English, but more than 30 languages are spoken by our colleagues.

Our backgrounds are diverse, but our goal is the same: work for the good of the Internet. And we are now working collaboratively with our staff to transform our company culture to facilitate our evolution into the future. Do you want to join us on this journey?

How to apply

If you are interested in this position, please click on this link and fill in the short application form. Send it to us together with your CV and motivation letter (in English only please). A pre-employment screening (done by CV-OK) will be part of the recruitment process.

Acquisition as a result of this vacancy is not appreciated!