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Workshop: Practical WebGL with three.js door Martin Splitt

The best way to represent spatial data or immersing the user into an experience is by using 3D. Thanks to WebGL this has become a possibility on the web.

Three.js is a library that makes it even easier, by abstracting away most of the domain-specific knowledge for 3D graphics and lets you focus on creating your 3D scene and interaction logic. Equipped with this you can build 3D visualisations, interactive stories that unfold in 3D and even games or full-blown 3D applications that run in every recent major browser–including mobile.

What you’ll learn

  • Basics of 3D graphics & terminology
  • Three.js introduction
  • Advanced three.js
  • Working with external 3D content
  • Performance tips, debugging and optimisation
  • Shader basics


About Martin

Martin is pretty decent at humaning and pretty good at computering,
so he decided to use his computering to improve his and other's humaning.

He loves the open web and open source and helps to make things better with, but not limited to, code.

Practische info

Leden van Fronteers betalen 150 euro. Niet-leden betalen 250 euro. Beide bedragen zijn exclusief btw.

De workshop duurt de hele dag en is inclusief lunch.


Voor deze workshop is nog geen (nieuwe) datum gepland. Mocht je geïnteresseerd zijn in de workshop, hou dan het overzicht in de gaten of blijf op de hoogte via RSS en Twitter.