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Workshop: Progressive Web Apps

The web is becoming more and more powerful everyday, especially with the launch of Progressive Web Apps. PWAs are experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of mobile apps. You can now build web apps that run from your home screen, receive push notifications & work offline.

In this full day workshop, we will explore Progressive Web Apps from scratch. We will learn about all the aspects that make up a PWA and relevant best practices.

After attending this workshop, you will be able to create Progressive Web Apps using best practices with deep knowledge of the underlying foundation.

Who is this workshop for

This workshop focusses on people that want to start building PWAs. We will start from scratch and progress into more advanced topics during the day.

What you'll learn

  • Introduction into PWA
  • Basic PWA
  • Best practices
  • Optimized PWA
  • Modern Web APIs

What you'll need

  • Intermediate knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Text editor (preferably VSCode, but any modern text editor will do)
  • Command line shell
  • Node >= 10
  • Your Android or iOS phone + a cable to connect your phone to your laptop

General outline for the day

  1. Workshop Intro
  2. Intro to PWAs
  3. App Shell
  4. Working with pages
  5. Intro to Service Worker
  6. Service worker libraries
  7. Runtime caching
  8. App Updates
  9. Add to homescreen
  10. Performance & monitoring
  11. Finishing up

About Jad Joubran

Jad is a Google Developer Expert, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and Freelance Web Consultant based in Amsterdam.

He's on a mission to inspire developers around the world by coaching at Le Wagon coding bootcamp and regularly speaking at international conferences.

Lately, Jad's focus lies on spreading knowledge about Progressive Web Apps and mentoring developers through online courses, blog articles and workshops for startups & enterprises.


Voor deze workshop is nog geen (nieuwe) datum gepland. Mocht je geïnteresseerd zijn in de workshop, hou dan het overzicht in de gaten of blijf op de hoogte via RSS en Twitter.