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Workshop: GraphQL with Sara Vieira

When it comes to requesting data from an API, according to many people, GraphQL is the logical evolution of REST. It helps to get exactly the data you need, no more and no less.
So you want to learn GraphQL? That is awesome! But like any other technology it's not easy to get started and get the basics of it. Mainly because all the docs are spread all over the place.

In this full-day workshop we will create a GraphQL server, connect it to a Postgres database in Heroku to have a fully functional server. After that we will jump to the frontend using React and Apollo to query and mutate a GraphQL Endpoint easily.

What you need for the workshop

What you’ll build

In this workshop you’ll build a server with a GraphQL interface and a frontend built with React to connect to the backend by using Apollo.

What you’ll learn

  • What GraphQL is
  • The basics of a querying with GraphQL
  • The basics of a mutations in GraphQL
  • Connect to a Postgres DB
  • Using context
  • Make multiple requests in one Query
  • Making simple queries with React and React-Apollo
  • Making advanced queries with React and React-Apollo
  • Creating our own query component
  • Mutations with React Apollo
  • Updating the UI automatically after a mutation
  • Using pagination
  • Questions

About Sara

Sara Vieira is a frontend developer at YLD, open sorcerer, maker of useless modules, Blogger, Drummer and horror movie fan girl. You can see how much she likes GraphQL on her website and you can find her on Twitter @NikkitaFTW


Voor deze workshop is nog geen (nieuwe) datum gepland. Mocht je geïnteresseerd zijn in de workshop, hou dan het overzicht in de gaten of blijf op de hoogte via RSS en Twitter.