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Workshop: Netlify & Static Site Generators

This workshop aims to put more web development power back into your hands. We'll look at how the Static Site Generator landscape has evolved over the last few years, and at how SSGs can be used in concert with the right tools and services to create web experiences which are far from "static".

Combining an examination of the underlying principles and technical architectures, with practical exercises and examples, together we will explore the kinds of a sites and experience possible, and build examples which demonstrate some key principles.

Who the workshop is for

If you are a front end developer or full stack developer keen to focus more on the experience you create for your users, while also ensuring that you can deploy and serve your sites from the most robust and performance infrastructure, this is for you.

Or, if you a technical architect who is looking to modernise your web development processes and hosting approaches, this workshop will explore what possibilities exist that might often be overlooked one large enterprise builds.

To get the best from this workshop, you'll already know the fundamentals of front-end development and be comfortable performing basic git operations for version control of your code.

What you'll learn

When and how to use Static Site Generators

We'll do some myth busting and education about what kinds of sites this approach can be used for. Also when you should advocate for this approach and when and how to supplement it with something else.

We'll also articulate the advantages and risk mitigations inherent in the architecture commonly now being referred to as the JAMstack.

How to choose a Static Site Generator

There are hundreds of SSGs to choose from. This workshop will not be a deep dive into the workings of any one SSG, but instead will look at the principles and conventions of some of the more popular SSGs. You'll leave with a better understanding of how to select the right SSG for your next project, and how to wield that SSG to the best effect. But we will not be learning about how to be come an expert in developing with a particular SSG.

Powerful SSG patterns

We'll look at some popular and powerful usage patterns to get the most out of any SSG. Including build pipelines, data aggregation and publishing, content abstraction, and automation.

Netlify capabilities and workflows

The proliferation of modern services and tooling for the JAMstack is one of the things driving the rise in its popularity. Netlify is one example of a platform which is empowering this approach. We'll explore a wide variety of Netlify features and use them to bring our examples to life. Including:

  • Automated deployments and CI
  • Form handling
  • Notifications and events
  • Build triggers and integrations
  • Serverless functions and API provisioning
  • Branch deploys and preview deploys
  • A/B testing
  • Workflows and collaboration
  • Identity and gated content
  • Advanced control over redirects and custom headers

What you'll need

This workshop will include many practical sessions for which you will need:

  • A laptop with text editor, a modern browser, and git installed and operational
  • A free Github account (to be created prior to the workshop)
  • A free Netlify account (can be created in the workshop)
  • A foundation in HTML and CSS and JavaScript is recommended
  • Ability to perform basic git operations such as cloning, committing, pushing, pulling, and branching is recommended

About Phil Hawksworth

Phil is Head of Developer Relations at Netlify and speaks at events around the work on subjects related to the JAMstack and modern web architectures and workflows.

In his former role as Technology Director at a large global agency he championed the use of Static Site Generators and simplified web architectures on projects for his clients such as Google, Nike, Beats By Dre and Unilever.


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