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Meetup bij Creativity Gym op donderdag 22 februari 2018


Op donderdag 22 februari 2018 zijn we er terug met een nieuwe meetup. We zullen te gast zijn bij de sympathieke mensen van Creativity-Gym in Mechelen. Er zijn twee interessante talks voorzien. De talks worden gegeven door Frederick Vanbrabant en Partrick Debois.

De bijeenkomst is gratis voor leden en niet-leden, en Fronteers zorgt voor iets lekkers te eten en Creativity-Gym om iets te drinken!


  • 18:00 · Inloop met een drankje
  • 19:00 · Introductie en welkomstwoord
  • 19:10 · Talk 1: Frederick Vanbrabant (@maybeFrederick) – X Things I wish I knew when I was starting out
  • 19:40 · Pauze
  • 20:45 · Talk 2: Partrick Debois (@patrickdebois) – Deep Dive - Puppeteer a Headless Chrome Node API
  • Extra talk: Mario Van den Eynde (@mariovde) - Image Recognition with Deep Learning: From prototype to production
  • 20:10 · Borrel

Talk 1: How to survive the endless pleasure that is a legacy codebase

So you inherited a legacy code base, how bad can it be? After actually taking a look at the code you realise that it is actually kinda bad, very bad. Well no turning back now, let's make the best of this. You have a battle plan sorted out, but how will you actually keep going? This and more general tips will be answered. Cause you might not be working on a legacy project at the moment, but maybe tomorrow you will!

Talk 2: Deep Dive - Puppeteer a Headless Chrome Node API

Ah! the joys of writing real browser tests ... Selenium and it's derived saas services are pretty slow or expensive. Not ideal for your snappy feedback loop while developing.

headless browsers like Phantomjs, Casperjs , Slimerjs fill in some gap trading speed for some compatibility. Puppeteer is the new kid on the block for automating a Chrome headless browser.

In this talk I'll:

  • walk you through the API using real world scenario's we used for our Platform
  • explain how to integrate it with react/jest and do parallel testing
  • show how the devtools of Chrome can be automated
  • how to unlock the power of video inside a headless browser
  • mix it with docker & serverless for mass parallel testing
  • use the automation for datamining and bypass some browser detections systems

Extra talk: Image Recognition with Deep Learning: From prototype to production


The Creativity Gym
Lange Ridderstraat 44
2800 Mechelen


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