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Fronteers vote for the W3C Advisory Board elections

In May, W3C members are voting for seven seats on the Advisory Board. Since Fronteers is a W3C member, we also have a vote, which our representative Rachel Andrew will cast on behalf of us.

Still, we should provide Rachel with the vote she's going to cast. In order to do that we call all Fronteers members to cast their vote. The result of the internal Fronteers vote will be transmitted to Rachel.

This vote is only open to Fronteers members; if you're not a member you cannot vote.

The Fronteers Slack now contains a w3c-fronteers channel that is open only to members, and where questions can be asked and discussions can be held. Please ask for access in the general Fronteers channel.

The Advisory Board

The W3C Advisory Board provides advice on general issues such as strategy, management, legal matters, process, and conflict resolution. Members serve in an individual capacity, and not as representatives of their parent organisations.

More details, as well as the current make-up of the Board can be found at the Advisory Board page.


The twelve candidates for the seven seats are:

  • Tantek Çelik (Mozilla)
  • Heejin Chung (Samsung)
  • Elika J Etemad aka fantasai (W3C Invited Expert)
  • Aaron Gustafson (Microsoft)
  • Nigel Megitt (BBC)
  • Charles McCathie Nevile (ConsenSys) *
  • Avneesh Singh (DAISY Consortium)
  • Eric Siow (Intel)
  • Alan Stearns (Adobe)
  • Léonie Watson (TetraLogical) *
  • Chris Wilson (Google)
  • Judy (Hongru) Zhu (Alibaba) *

An asterisk * denotes a current Advisory Board member who is up for reelection.

All candidates provided statements on what they hope to achieve.

Voting procedure

Fronteers members can mail their vote to The vote should be an ordered list, with your personal top candidate coming first, your next candidate coming second, and so on.

After a membership check your vote will be added to the general pool. Your top candidate will get 12 points, your second candidate 11 points, etc. If you do not include all twelve candidates on your list, the missing candidates will get 0 points.

Fronteers voting closes on Monday 27th of May. The Fronteers board will create an ordered list, with the first candidate being the one who received most points, then the one with the second-most points and so on. Rachel Andrew will break any ties.

Rachel will cast the Fronteers vote later that week, before the W3C deadline of 30 May.

Fronteers vote

11 members voted, and the resulting Fronteers vote was the following, in this order:

  1. Elika J Etemad aka fantasai (W3C Invited Expert)
  2. Léonie Watson (TetraLogical) *
  3. Tantek Çelik (Mozilla)
  4. Judy (Hongru) Zhu (Alibaba) *
  5. Alan Stearns (Adobe)
  6. Aaron Gustafson (Microsoft)
  7. Chris Wilson (Google)
  8. Avneesh Singh (DAISY Consortium)
  9. Nigel Megitt (BBC)
  10. Heejin Chung (Samsung)
  11. Charles McCathie Nevile (ConsenSys) *
  12. Eric Siow (Intel)


The result of the full W3C vote was:

  • Elika J Etemad aka fantasai (W3C Invited Expert)
  • Charles McCathie Nevile (ConsenSys) *
  • Avneesh Singh (DAISY Consortium)
  • Eric Siow (Intel)
  • Léonie Watson (TetraLogical)*
  • Chris Wilson (Google)
  • Judy (Hongru) Zhu (Alibaba)*

Congratulations to all newly elected or re-elected AB members.


1 Sander v. L. op 02-06-2019 om 23:00 uur:
Are you intending to publish the results? (i.e. which were our top ranked votes - I'm assuming the W3C will publish who all got seats on the advisory board in due tim).

I can understand if making our vote public would be seen as being in bad taste, but at the same time I'd very much like to see how the Fronteers members are aligned in their preferences / priorities here.
2 Wei Guangzhou op 02-07-2019 om 13:19 uur:
I guess not Sander.
3 Sander v. L. op 02-07-2019 om 15:06 uur:
The post was actually updated with the results shortly after I asked my question. :)
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