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Two free tickets for Fronteers 2009

  • Peter-Paul Koch
  • 16 oktober 2009

When we sold out Fronteers 2009 in September we loudly proclaimed that no more tickets were to be had. Point is: we weren't entirely truthful. There still are two tickets available. They're even free. You just have to do something in order to get them.

Microsoft, which sponsors Fronteers 2009, will give away two tickets to the two persons who create the most beautiful or interesting IE8 Web Slices.

The contest will be judged by Pete LePage, and he will consider the following three factors:

  1. Quality of the HTML (does it validate, is it clean, readable, etc)
  2. Quality of the design of the Web Slice (does it look pretty)
  3. Quality of the information (is the information relevant to the site, is it useful)

In order to participate, leave a comment with a link to the page that contains your Web Slice. The submission period ends on Monday 26 October, and the winners will be announced later that week.

Here is some more information about Web Slices:


1 Sander Aarts op 16-10-2009 om 11:13 uur:
Suggestion: web slices with update info of alternative browsers! ;)

Good luck!
2 qFox op 17-10-2009 om 18:13 uur:
My entry:

Twitter Slices for speakers at the conference. Gives you a hint of what's buzzing on Twitter :)
3 Mallory op 24-10-2009 om 19:04 uur:
@Sander lawlz!

I blame my ignorance of these things on my testing-only usage of aforementioned browser : )
4 Stefan Schipor op 25-10-2009 om 23:30 uur:
Hey there!

Here's my webslice tryout:

Me and a few other guys are working on the redesign of which is the main cultural and social guide for our Romanian hometown, Suceava. So why not give a webslice as well? :p

I wanted to tie it to a section of the new main page but it didn't really work out well so I placed it on a separate page to make the point.

It shows events that take place today and in the upcoming 6 days. The content behind it is actually generated by the new website in the background. well, most of it anyway. It will update the moment a new event is published.

Unfortunately, the new site is still under development so I've hidden everything except the webslice. Hope this is enough.
5 August Hovland op 26-10-2009 om 21:51 uur:

Here is my entry for the contest:

6 Pete LePage op 29-10-2009 om 10:09 uur:
Sorry about the delay, the judging was terribly difficult, while there were only three entries, they were all pretty good!

Since there can only be two winners, the winners are: qFox and Stefan Schipor

As I said, it was a terribly difficult decision! Each criteria got a score out of 5, and the two winners each tied, while the third place received a score that fell short only by 1 point of being a three place tie!

Nice work! I'm looking forward to using the Fronteers Webslice next week to see what folks are saying!

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