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Presentations Fronteers 2009

  • Tom Greuter
  • 5 november 2009

A short wrap-up of the presentations held at Fronteers 2009. Update: most videos are available on the sessions page.

Day 1

  1. Molly Holzschlag - What's New With the Mobile Web
  2. Peter-Paul Koch - The Mobile Web, or the masochist’s guide to gleeful self-flagellation
  3. Chris Heilmann - Of Hamsters, Feature Creatures and Missed Opportunities
  4. Martin Savelkoul - Building and maintaining a complex frontend codebase
  5. Stephen Hay - The future state of layout
  6. John Resig - Understanding JavaScript Testing
  7. Steve Souders - Even Faster Web Sites

Day 2

  1. Douglas Crockford - Ajax Security
  2. Pete LePage - Using HTML5 Features In Internet Explorer 8
  3. Jonathan Snook - The Type We Want: Using Fonts on the Web
  4. Robbert Broersma - The challenges and rewards of writing a 120K JavaScript application
  5. Thomas Fuchs - Roll Your Own Effects Framework
  6. Nicole Sullivan - Object Oriented CSS
  7. Dion Almaer & Ben Galbraith - The Future of Web Applications

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1 Marien op 05-11-2009 om 23:20 uur:
And to accompany with a little visual representation of the first day. Here are the speakers pictures
To be updated as well ;)
2 Marien op 06-11-2009 om 22:13 uur:
Pictures are updated! Tnx for the very informative 2 days!
3 Marin op 07-11-2009 om 12:05 uur:
Thanks for the excellent conference.

The organization was great and the talks and speakers were enlightening.

I'll try to be there next year too.
4 Mathias op 07-11-2009 om 17:30 uur:
Another link that might be interesting is the SpeakerRate page for #fronteers09.
5 Mathias op 07-11-2009 om 17:43 uur:
And some #fronteers09 photos that, for some reason, refuse to show up on the fronteers09 Flickr tag page. :(
6 Sander Aarts op 09-11-2009 om 00:38 uur:
Fronteers 2009 was te gek!
7 Robert van der Elst op 09-11-2009 om 11:03 uur:
Thanks for the amazing conference!

I had a great time (Steve Souders is my new hero!) and I will definitely try to come again next year!
8 Björn op 11-11-2009 om 16:44 uur:
Thanks for a great conference, great atmosphere and inspiring speakers!
9 Dirk-Jan de Groot op 13-11-2009 om 15:53 uur:
Zijn er geen video's gemaakt ?
10 Krijn op 13-11-2009 om 16:29 uur:
Jawel, maar die vereisen wat nabewerking, en dat kost wat tijd. Komen eraan dus! :)
11 Janita op 15-11-2009 om 16:32 uur:
Volgend jaar wil ik er ook bij zijn!

Nog een verzoekje om presentaties niet in pptx (of docx) te uploaden omdat dan niet iedereen ze kan openen... (zoals ik dus :-( ).
12 Nick op 17-11-2009 om 12:36 uur:
And i missed it all. :( Hope to be there next year!
13 Mathias Bogaert op 21-12-2009 om 11:13 uur:
Wanneer komt Dion Almaer & Ben Galbraith - The Future of Web Applications online?
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