Fronteers Spring conference

Kristian Sköld to keynote Fronteers Spring Conference

2 weeks to go, 1 keynote speaker added & 300 custom lanyards delivered

Posted on March 16, 2016

Web performance is important. You know it is. So do we. But occasionally, it's the stakeholders at your client, or the business owners at your company, that need some convincing. You need a mandate to be able to go the extra mile, and that means making a case for web performance optimization. This is where our brand-new, smart-as-a-tack, super-cool keynote speaker comes in.

Kristian Sköld of SOASTA has graciously agreed to deliver the closing keynote at Fronteers Spring Conference on April 1. He'll tie a bow around our nine amazing sessions by helping you make the business case for web performance enhancement. Using lots of data-based analysis and real-life examples, Kristian'll help you help your business go fast.

The schedule has been updated to include Kristian's appearance and we're constantly updating the list of sessions to give you a better idea of what's on the menu for April 1. Most imporantly, though, we're confident about the event because the custom lanyards have been delivered to our HQ already. (Rrrawr.)

There are still some tickets available - grab them from our beautiful ticket shop and see you at EYE in two weeks' time!