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Fronteers is a non-profit organisation under Dutch law. Anyone can become a member by filling out the form below. The contribution is € 72.60 per year, which includes 21% Dutch VAT. Those who become member after 30th of June pay € 36.30, again including 21% Dutch VAT. Students pay half price. Our invoices are denominated in euros.

By becoming a member you support Fronteers's activities financially, most importantly our W3C membership. This blog post gives the clearest overview of the goals and aspirations we have with our W3C membership.

Fronteers started out as a Dutch organisation, and most of this website is still in Dutch. We are currently transitioning to English pages and blog posts, especially for W3C-related topics, but you will occasionally have to use Google Translate or ask for a translation.

Fronteers has a lively Slack with a few English-language channels. We discuss web development, Fronteers the organisation, and the W3C membership, we give tips to the conference committee, and we have some social chats as well. Most channels are open to anyone, but there are a few members-only channels.

Fronteers also offers discounts on conferences - mostly those held in the Netherlands. This includes our annual Fronteers conference. These discounts only apply if you are a Fronteers member at the moment they are announced. This is to prevent people from becoming a member for the sole purpose of obtaining a discount.

Your Fronteers membership is personal, and will be activated once you pay your initial contribution. Any data you enter below should be your personal data; not your employer's data. We will send our initial and annual invoices to the email address you enter below. Your data will be accessed only by the membership administration, and sometimes the Fronteers board, although you can opt in to displaying your name and employer on the full membership list.

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Note: you'll receive a manual welcome e-mail in the upcoming days, to which you need to reply before actually being a member. Please add to your white-list.