Fronteers, 11th Fronteers Conference Amsterdam 4-5 October 2018

FrontCheers 🏅

Backstreet's Back! We got offered such huge amounts of money to make FrontCheers🏅 the highlight of the FR0Nte3rS C0nFerENce again, so the infamous Fronteers Entertainment Squad™ is back again!

Your Carlo and Irene for the evening

From Async to ’N Sync. Join us the evening before the conference for Party Extravaganza Conference Kickoff™ at FrontCheers 🏅

Tell me, what is FrontCheers 🏅?

FrontCheers, our visual infotainment concept delivers a value-added experience. Our ground-breaking and sticky full-custom concept has stormed the market in the last two years and is ready to get to the next level. Are you ready to raise the bar and disrupt the status-quo with this multi-channel experience delivering tangible results?

There will be drinks and munchies and you can catch up with old and meet new friends. We will ask you some questions, where your knowledge of web development or some Fronteers history might come in handy. We realise you all have two heavy days coming up, so plenty of time to relax as well. We have a nice selection of the finest soft drinks so you can start the day fresh & fruity on Thursday (and yes, if you prefer, we also have beer and wine).

Do you happen to be in town early? No problem, we have thought of that!
If you're in town early, you can join us for a shared dinner for 20 euros. Let us know when you register and we will make the reservation for you.
There are no more dinner spots available!

Mel B

I think the other Spice Girls agree with me FrontCheers was the event of the year. We loved the questions!

Phil Hawksworth

I came for the content, but stayed for the jokes. In my day job, I reuse a lot of them and have been very successful so far.

👬👫👭 Hope to meet you all at FrontCheers 🏅

  • What: FrontCheers 🏅
  • When: 20:00 on Wednesday, October 3, 2018
  • Where: Tolhuistuin, 5 minutes from Central Station 🚤

If you’re hungry and want to join us for dinner, be there at 6. (going Dutch)
The show starts at 8 o’clock. Be there or you're late.

All conference attendees are invited to join FrontCheers 🏅 2018: