Fronteers, 11th Fronteers Conference, Amsterdam, 4-5 October 2018

Fronteers Conference moving to the DeLaMar Theatre

Joyous news! As you may have heard by now, our yearly get-together for Front-end developers, Fronteers Conference, will move to a new location. For the first time since 2010, the conference will not take place in Pathé Tuschinski, but be held in a larger venue. Hard work has been done behind the scenes to look for a place in Amsterdam that is centrally located and atmospheric, but that can house more people than Tuschinski (where we were held to a maximum attendees of 550). We found the DeLaMar Theatre, where we can welcome around 900 people.

Why did we look for a new venue?

Each year when we start to sell tickets, we run out of available tickets super fast due to high demand. This makes it difficult for a lot of people to buy a ticket. You had to be online right at the moment the sale started because it would usually run out in a few minutes.
As board of Fronteers (the trade organisation), this was a blessing and a curse: we would like to welcome all developers that want to attend and not turn people away. At the same time, we were (and are) very fond of Tuschinski. We knew that a larger venue would potentially be less atmospheric and 'gezellig'. With DeLaMar Theatre, we think we have found a great successor!

Accessibility of the DeLaMar Theatre

  • At the same time, this new venue gives more people the opportunity to attend. Fronteers values diversity (in all shapes and forms) very highly. Unfortunately, Tuschinski has a few (literal) barriers, making it more difficult to get around the venue if you're in a wheelchair or on crutches.
  • The DeLaMar Theatre is completely wheelchair accessible, and has lifts for public use. It also has an audio induction loop system for attendees with reduced ranges of hearing. Of course, your guide dog is welcome to the venue and we'll have a speech-to-text reporter present at each talk.
  • If you need to make use of any of these facilities, the conference crew would like to help you with additional info. The theatre has more information about accessibility on their website, but it is all in Dutch. Please get in touch with Fronteers Conference on Twitter or by e-mail if you have any questions! We can also arrange a volunteer to welcome you and help you around the venue during the conference.

We look forward to a great conference in October. We are super excited about this new venue and hope to see you there!