Fronteers, 11th Fronteers Conference Amsterdam 4-5 October 2018

Meet the host of Fronteers Conference 2018: Martin Splitt

Chicken? Chicken chicken… Chicken

Posted on 28 May 2018

Our newest master of ceremonies is veteran speaker and irrepressible optimist, Martin Splitt. Returning after a talk on Multi-User WebVR at our 2016 edition, and a chicken-heavy lightning talk at our 2017 Jam Session, Martin takes the main stage again this October as conference host.

Martin Splitt looking dapper on the Tuschinski theatre stage in 2016

We spoke to the Zürich native between engagements and got him to answer three questions.

Q: What is the single most surprising thing about front-end development you've run into in the last year?

A: How freakin', absolutely amazing CSS Grid is.

Q: As a FronteersConf veteran, what advice do you have for fellow or aspiring speakers?

A: If you are having excited conversations with coworkers or friends about something, then you've got a start for a talk at a meetup or conference! And do your talk like that: Pretend the audience really is just your friend / favourite coworker / pet and talk to them. :)

Q: What can our audience expect of your tenure as Fronteers Conference host?

A: It's gonna be fluffy and different but fun! Whoop whoop!

There you have it. We’re holding on to our hats! Come see what the (fluffy?) fuss is about in Amsterdam this October.