Fronteers, Fronteers Conference 3-4 October 2019 Amsterdam

Fronteers Conference 2019: 3-4 October, Amsterdam

Fronteers Conference is back, and this year we're going to turn things around! We're back in Pathé Tuschinski for 2 days with 19 fantastic speakers.

Fronteers Conference is one of Europe’s premiere conferences on front-end web development, organised in Amsterdam yearly since 2008. This year our single-track community-driven conference returns to the beautiful Pathé Tuschinski theatre on Thursday and Friday, 3–4 October 2019.

Tickets for the conference are for sold out. Thanks for your support. You can still join one of our workshops on October 2.

Our speakers come from all over the globe cover the full spectrum from independent developers to Github and Google team members.


  • TL;DR
  • Two days
  • Nineteen speakers
  • Lunch
  • Party

  • Amsterdam
  • 3-4 October

Is two days of Fronteers Conference just not enough?

Mozilla has you covered! They are organizing their View Source conference on the 30th of September and 1st of October. That means a whole week of web!

View Source Amsterdam will bring you a deep dive into how browser vendors, and others, create and support web standards, as well as best practices for building for the web.


The conference is fully catered, and we pride ourselves on providing truly excellent Wi-Fi so attendees don't have to skimp on using the devices they bring.

We'll provide wonderful side events in the evenings, so you can catch up with your front-end friends in safe, comfortable spaces, both in and outside the auditorium.

Code of Conduct

To Fronteers Conference, and to our parent, the Fronteers association, it is of vital importance that everyone at our events feels welcome and safe. We are quite proud of the wonderful front-end community in and around the Netherlands, and we're actively enforcing a code of conduct to make sure that all attendees, speakers and volunteers know that we're there for them if there's anything amiss.
By attending our events, you agree to adhere to the Fronteers Conference Code of Conduct.


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