Fronteers, Fronteers Conference 3-4 October 2019 Amsterdam

Diversity · Fronteers Conference 2019

Diversity is incredibly important to Fronteers Conference and essential to the front-end community as a whole. We would love to welcome attendees from all gender, orientation, ability, religion and race to our conference and provide a safe space for all.

Diversity tickets

We had a limited number of diversity tickets available for anybody who's part of an underrepresented group in tech or is financially not able to attend otherwise. All available tickets have been awarded and it is no longer possible to apply for a ticket.

Diversity tickets are made possible thanks to the support of Samsung Internet.


Even though the Pathe Tuschinski is a fantastic venue, it was built long before accessibility requirements were put in place. Unfortunately, that means not all areas are wheelchair accessible. If you need any help getting around the building, prefer reserved seating, or anything else, please let us know. We'll try to accommodate you as best as possible.


We will provide captioning of all talks on our main stage. There will be a large screen next to the stage, with a live transcript of everything that is being said. Additionally, we can provide you with a webpage where you can follow along on a personal device.

Captioning is made possible thanks to the support of Mozilla.