10 more tickets available

This year we as an organisation had 10 tickets to give away to students if they would submit a sound motivation of how the conference could help them in their education. Most unfortunately, we did not receive any motivations that we considered good enough to be eligible. While this may be a sad affair, it does have a silver lining. It means we have 10 more tickets to sell!

So what’s the deal with these tickets?

  • Tickets will be available for purchase on Friday 26 September, 12:00 CEST for members only.
  • If any tickets are left, they will be made available for purchase to everyone on Saturday 27 September, 12:00 CEST
  • Members: See link in the newsletter of 25th of April for the link you need. Be sure to already look up the newsletter link; if you've accidentally deleted that email, contact us for the link. Member tickets are only available for those who already were a member on 8 April 2014.
  • Non-members: any available tickets will show up on our tickets page.
  • Tickets will have the regular ticket price of €285 (€360 for non-members).

So set your alarms and be ready to buy the tickets, they may sell out very, very fast.