Fronteers 2014 speakers

Our master of ceremonies for 2014 will be Jake Archibald.

Jake works in Google Chrome's developer relations team, working on specs, implementations, and ensuring developers have tools to make their jobs less painful. He's a big fan of time-to-render optimisations, offline-first, progressive enhancement, and all of that responsive stuff.

Alex Feyerke

Alex works as a freelance frontend developer and consultant in Berlin and is one of the founding members of Hoodie. He also helps organise up.front, Berlin’s frontend meetup.

Arnout Kazemier

Arnout is a real-time technology specialist and passionate software engineer from the Netherlands who loves working with high available & scalable systems. Calling him an open source enthusiast would be putting it lightly: Arnout is the author of Primus and dozens of other open source projects.

Daniel Espeset

Daniel Espeset is a Senior Software Engineer working on Etsy's Frontend Infrastructure team. He enjoys hacking on build processes and pursuing moon-shot experiments in code instrumentation and static analysis. If he were granted three wishes he would ask for window.onerror and the CSSOM to be CORS compliant, Apple to implement the Navigation Timing API and unlimited future wishes (obv). He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Garity and their two cats, Fannie and Cece.

Dave Olsen

Dave Olsen is a developer from Pisgah, WV who takes ideas from the sketch pad to the browser. When he's not hacking at Pattern Lab or rethinking how we approach web performance and development workflows for responsive design he's on his couch watching soccer. He's a one-time author, sometime speaker, and all-the-time coder.

Dominic Szablewski

Dominic Szablewski is a game developer and the author of the HTML5 Game Engine Impact. Nowadays he's mostly focused on bringing HTML5 games to mobile devices and game consoles. When not building games, he works out the kinks of Ejecta and patiently waits for the day it becomes obsolete.

Heydon Pickering

Heydon is a UX designer from the UK who turns paper prototypes into accessible, responsive interfaces. He only reads one HTML specification and it's the one maintained by the W3C. You may have used one of Heydon's icon fonts or raised one eyebrow at one of his Smashing Magazine articles.

Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson is an Open Web Evangelist from Austin, TX. He's passionate about JavaScript, HTML5, real-time/peer-to-peer communications, and web performance. Otherwise, he's probably bored by it. Kyle is an author, workshop trainer, tech speaker, and avid OSS community member.

Luc Bloom

Luc Bloom is developer at Blue Giraffe where he is responsible for the development of engine technology that drives the game studio. With over 10 years of experience in coding games in C++ and his endless drive for refactoring and optimization he would be best described by code as 010011000111010101100011.

Meri Williams

Meri is a geek, a manager, and a manager of geeks. She's a CTO and also manages her own micro-consultancy ChromeRose which helps digital & technical teams be brilliant. She’s led teams ranging in size from 30 to 300, mostly with folks spread across the world. In her spare time she enjoys baking, gaming, surfing and her obsession with hot smoking Texas-style BBQ.

Nathan Ford

Nathan is designer and developer from Texas, now living just outside Cardiff, Wales. Until recently, he was Creative Director at Mark Boulton Design, where he worked with such clients as CERN, Al Jazeera, and ESPN. He now works at Monotype where he is continuing work on Gridset, a responsive layout app, and many other creative professional tools for the web.

Nicolas Gallagher

Nicolas Gallagher is a Senior Software Engineer on Twitter's UI frameworks team in San Francisco. He has been working on open source CSS tools, and UI components for Twitter.com.

Paul Kinlan

Paul is a Developer Advocate on the Google Chrome developer relations working on getting all the web to work well on Mobile. He is still really passionate about Web Intents and is working hard to define what comes after apps.

Pete Hunt

Pete is a core contributor to React. Currently funemployed, Ex-FB and Instagram. In his spare time he likes to play guitar and be a generally okay guy.

Petro Salema

Petro Salema leads the development of the Aloha Editor, to make the web a powerful platform for rich-text content creation. He discovered the wonderful possibilities for software to impact the human condition with the World Wide Web in his early teens. He noticed that most limitations with what we can build with software are only as insurmountable as the limits to our imagination. And thus began his study of code and design—the craft, and people behind it.

Rachel Nabors

Rachel Nabors is an interaction developer, award-winning cartoonist, and host of the Infinite Canvas Screencast. She deftly blends the art of traditional storytelling with digital media to “tell better stories through code” at her interaction studio, Tin Magpie. You can catch her as @rachelnabors on Twitter and at rachelnabors.com.

Sara Soueidan

Sara is a freelance front-end web developer from Lebanon, focusing on HTML5, SVG, CSS3 and JavaScript. She's also a writer and speaker. She loves teaching, and writes mostly about CSS and SVG. You can find her writing on her blog, and on Codrops where she's an author and team member. You can follow her on Twitter @SaraSoueidan.

Shwetank Dixit

Shwetank works in the Opera Developer Relations team as a Web Evangelist. He is also part of the W3C Mobile Web for Social Development Group and the W3C Web Education Community Group. He promotes open web standards and best practices amongst the developer community at large. He has written articles about web standards and techniques. He likes browsers, extensions, open web technologies, and Batman.

Thomas Palef

Thomas Palef is a developer, product designer and entrepreneur. In the beginning of 2014 he got interested into game development, and since then he built a dozen games, wrote tutorials, and published a technical book. All of this can be found on his website lessmilk.com