Fronteers 2014 session videos online

December 13, 2014

In keeping with the old adage "Nothing beats the real thing (but video of it sure does come close)" all sessions at the 2014 Fronteers Conference have been recorded. Just in time for the holidays, all videos have now been updated, prepared and released for your perusal.

Head on over to the Fronteers 2014 Sessions page to pick your favourite, or just watch all of them. A big <blink>THANK YOU</blink> to all our speakers.

The same goes for the sold-out, packed-to-capacity, shoot-from-the-hip, rouse-that-rabble, B's-to-the-W talks of the infamous Fronteers 2014 Jam Session of the night before the conference. They, too, have been recorded and can be (re-)watched at the Fronteers 2014 Jam Session page.

If you did not make it to the event(s), or even if you did and you just want to reminisce, our videos are there for you. Enjoy!