I don't have a ticket, now what?

Ticket sales were crazy, we have never sold out so fast. This means a lot of people, be it "regulars" or newcomers, could not get a ticket. As much as we would like to just sell more tickets, we can't. Our venue is filled to the brim and we think making the conference bigger does not add to the coziness we aspire the conference to have.

That being said, there are still some options to get tickets:

  • There will be a (very) limited number of workshop tickets that will include access to the conference (there will also be workshop tickets for people who already have a conference ticket or don't want to attend the conference). We will announce their sale around 2 weeks before it starts, both here on the website and on twitter (follow @fronteersconf). Make sure you're on top of it, because we expect them to sell out in a matter of minutes.
  • Wait for somebody to sell their ticket. In our experience there are always some attendees who suddenly have to change their plans and want to sell their ticket (well it's their loss, isn't it?). We will retweet the people who are selling their tickets with the @fronteersconf account.
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