Fronteers 2014 typowalk

Last year, Fronteers pulled type into the conference with talks by Oliver Reichenstein and Luc(as) de Groot. This year, we’ll take type outside and let you discover the typography in the streets of Amsterdam during a two hour typowalk in the city centre, on Wednesday October 8th.

Find out what is special about the bridges in Amsterdam, how type can work wonders on buildings, and what makes type wonderful in the cityscape. Or dreadful, in some cases.

The typowalk is curated and presented by Jeroen Visser, a web savvy type nerd, who’s also responsible for Fronteers’ web typography workshop ‘counterspace’. The walk will start on Wednesday October 8th, at 15h00 at the Tuschinski theatre. And, because we love gratis, you can join the typowalk for free!

Make sure to book your spot, as there’s room for just fourteen typowalkers!

Register for the Typowalk on October 8 at 15:00

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Can't make it? Please let us know via congres@fronteers.nl, so we can create an extra spot.