Fronteers Conference October 6-7, Amsterdam

Responsive Typography Masterclass with Zell Liew

Responsive Typography

Typography is tough. To create good typography for the Web, you need a combination of design chops and technical know-how. Once you've mastered the basics, and you're looking to apply responsive typography, a new level of technical skills is required - if you want your typography to be outstanding and easy to code at the same time. Zell is here to help.

What you'll learn

In his masterclass, Zell Liew will cover the practical ins and outs of advanced responsive typography. After attending, you will have a firm grasp of the principles of typography & how to apply them on the Web in responsive projects. You'll be more strongly equipped to advise designers on the application of their concepts.

Zell will take you from novice to advanced by covering the following topics with in-depth advice, feedback and relatable practical exercises:

Typography principles

  • How to recognise good typography
  • How to create visual harmony for your site
  • How to resolve contradictory rules when modular scale and vertical rhythm are used together
  • Why these practices matter so much
  • Understand what baseline grids are used for, and whether you should use them
  • Four design principles and how to use them in typography
  • Four responsive typography principles, and how to use them
  • Working with designers to make their work great

Technical know-how

  • How to implement the aforementioned design principles
  • How to implement design principles + responsive typography principles in plain CSS
  • How to simplify the workflow with relative units like rem, em and vw - and when to use which
  • How to make responsive typography super easy to configure with a library called Typi


  • Basic working knowledge of Sass
  • No typography experience is required: we’ll go over the basics together!

What to bring

  • A computer running OSX, Windows or Linux
  • Your favourite text editor

About Zell Liew

Zell Liew

Zell is an independent front-end developer from Singapore. He's a practical typography expert. His curiosity leads him to dig deep into topics he’s passionate about. Zell asks questions that nobody asks, creates solutions if there aren’t any out there, and shares his findings on his blog. He’s also authored two books to date — Learning Susy and Automate Your Workflow.