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Job position: Front end engineer at Competa (Rijswijk)

  • Geplaatst op: 01-12-2014


Competa provides IT to meet the business needs of the most demanding customers. We work for large and mid-size multinationals in the financial sector, the entertainment industry, government and research amongst others.

Everyone at Competa shares a passion for using Information Technology to make things better: Linking business with technology and creating IT solutions for complex business problems.

We believe in community: We support user groups like Fronteers and organise regular free to attend technical seminars at our conference center in Rijswijk to share ideas with people who feel the same way about technology.

Above all, we believe in the Web, and in Web technology. We have a passionate, skilled, and rapidly growing team of front end engineers working on some of the biggest and coolest cutting edge projects in Europe.

We are looking for highly motivated people to join that team, and to help us become THE company for bleeding edge front end web engineering in the Netherlands.

Get in touch if you are:

  • Passionate about front end, web standards and future technologies.
  • An (X)HTML, CSS and (especially) JavaScript ninja.
  • Excited about HTML5 (Canvas, SVG, WebGL, semantic elements etc).
  • Experienced with JavaScript libraries and frameworks like jQuery, Backbone, AngularJS, Prototype, node.js etc.
  • A Real Software Engineer ™ comfortable with Design Patterns & OOP.
  • Used to working with version control tools (SVN, Git, Mercurial etc).
  • Knowledge of other languages and disciplines (PHP, Java, SQL, design, usability etc) is a plus.

Besides your technical skills, you should also be:

  • A strong communicator capable of working in teams & talking to the business.
  • Creative in your problem solving.
  • Flexible enough to design solutions that really fit the business needs.
  • Comfortable working in multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Capable of working in both Dutch and English.
  • Comfortable with travelling for your work – our customers are located in the Randstad.
  • Experience with Agile / Iterative processes such as Scrum is a big plus!

We are not only looking for senior seasoned professionals, there is also a place here for keen up-and-comers who are prepared to work hard and grow. Want to build your CV and your career? Want to be one of the builders of the Web of the future? We can help you get there.

We provide a challenging and professional environment, fantastic opportunities for career growth, awesome colleagues and exciting projects. Of course we also offer competitive salaries and benefits.

Interested? Send your CV and examples of your work to Jim Sangwine: (