Fronteers โ€” vakvereniging voor front-end developers

Job position: Front-end Engineer at Informaat CXP (Deventer)

  • Geplaatst op: 11-03-2014

Informaat CXP

We are looking for a Front-end Engineer with great affinity for design. You will be part of our Foundation Team. As a member of the Foundation Team, you will be responsible for the Foundation Framework and develop high-quality touchpoints for our customers in close collaboration with our UX designers.

Who are we?

Informaat CXP is a young, ambitious company recently spun off from Informaat
โ€“ a design consultancy for digital services for over 25 years. Informaat CXP develops and internationally markets a state-of-the-art Customer Experience Platform that helps businesses deliver great experiences. The CXP is a comprehensive, integrated, cloud-based development platform that supports the complete touchpoint development lifecycle. It enables enterprises to quickly define, design, build, test, deploy, and manage touchpoints on multiple channels.

On top of the CXP, vertical industry Foundations provide in pre-integrated, flexible building blocks, which we call dialogue elements, to construct multichannel touchpoints from.

Together, the CXP and Foundations present an enterprise-grade solution to create simple, fast, convenient and cost-effective digital touchpoints, offering a consistent experience across channels and devices throughout the whole customer journey.

What do we offer?

Informaat CXP is committed to creating an inspiring work environment where people can achieve their best. If you want to make customers' lives easier by improving the services businesses offer through digital touchpoints, we are the place to be. You'll participate in a highly motivated team and working with
state-of-the-art technologies on challenging topics.

We are a mature agile organization, where people carry the responsibility for their decisions and where they are challenged to organize themselves.

  • A company that sees customer experience as its core activity, and has been a leader in its field with a strong reputation for the last 25 years.
  • Small, multidisciplinary teams that are challenged to deliver complete functionality front to back.
  • Strong, open collaboration with kindred spirits from other disciplines such as UX design, front-end development and operations.
  • An environment that understands the value of design and engineering practices: we continuously improve our practices. We care about principles such as Behavior-Driven Design, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.
  • A company that believes first and foremost in its people. We value our culture of informality, collaboration, responsibility, and fun.

What do you offer?

  • You are dedicated to the craft of front-end engineering and excited about working in an agile, collaborative environment.
  • At least three years of relevant work experience as a front-end engineer.
  • Extensive knowledge of HTML(5), CSS(3) and JavaScript and the complications of different (mobile) browsers and platforms.
  • Experience with Model View Controller frameworks like Knockout or Angular.
  • Experienced in developing and maintaining frameworks with reusable components.
  • A test-oriented and methodical way of working.
  • Dedicated to your field of expertise and the implementation in a business context.
  • A flexible and result-oriented attitude, a high degree of responsibility, and good communication skills.
  • You are critical, yet constructive. You are not afraid to speak your mind or stand for your convictions, but you truly want to collaborate and learn from your colleagues.

For more information, get in touch! Dial 035-5431222 and ask for Lammert Postma if you want to know more about the team and the working environment. For general questions, ask for Silje Harthoorn. Think you found your match? Send us your CV and a motivation at