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Job position: Web Developer at Minivegas (Amsterdam)

  • Geplaatst op: 06-05-2014


Job Description

We are Minivegas! A modern integrated production company with a passion for creating experiences in smart, surprising ways.

So, who wants to develop stuff with us?

At Minivegas developers are a key part of our creative team. Yes you must be capable of delivering clean, cross-browser code and implementing beautiful front-end experiences, but you should also enjoy getting stuck into conceptual and design discussions.

We’re not looking for reclusive coders who don’t come out in daylight, we want a collaborator who can get involved in our creative culture and bring ideas to the table like a waiter at rush hour. These ideas should be informed by the latest benchmarks and trends and your knowledge should solve problems, tell stories and help us stay on the bleeding edge of what’s possible.

It goes without saying that you should love a challenge – we work in a pressurized industry, but that doesn’t stop us pushing the bounds of what we can accomplish.

You’ll be part of a tight group, working with designers and digital producers and reporting to creative directors. You’ll have support where you need it, and the autonomy to put your stamp on work. You’ll have fun!

Now for the bullet point list, because who doesn’t love one of those…

You will…

  • …possess an excellent working knowledge of HTML, CSS & Javascript.
  • …be comfortable with UX and Design thinking .
  • …have expertise in building Responsive web design.
  • …understand website CMS and server-side database structures.
  • …know your way around the popular tablet & mobile devices.
  • …take social media platforms in your stride.
  • …get the process and requirements of QA testing.
  • …plan deployments and releases with confidence.
  • …be fastidious with version control, using repositories such as GitHub.
  • …be calm and clear-minded under pressure.
  • …enjoy your job and be nice to people.

If this sounds like you, then send us examples of your most impressive work along with you CV and LinkedIn details to with Web Developer in the subject line.