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Job position: Frontend Developer at TouchTribe (Amsterdam)

  • Geplaatst op: 23-04-2015


Job description

We’re looking for talented Frontend Developers to strengthen our development team.

You should have a command of modern front-end technology and techniques, strong Javascript skills and a genuine passion for what you do. As a Front End Developer, you will have a keen understanding of the intersection between user experience, design, the server-side and how the presentation layer plays a key role within all of them.

Skills & Requirements

  • Passionate about coding
  • Interested in using innovative javascript frameworks like Angular or React
  • Experienced in CSS preprocessing (eq. SASS, LESS)
  • Experienced in build tools (eq nodejs, yeoman, gulp, bower)
  • Strong understanding of MVC and OOP design patterns and best practices
  • Excellent debugging and problem solving skills
  • Strong understanding of version control systems
  • Experienced in implementing responsive design
  • Problem solving and decision-making ability
  • Comfortable working in agile development teams at our office or on location

About the company

TouchTribe is one of the leading ‘touch’ development companies in the Netherlands. We build end-to-end solutions for mobile, tablet and desktop.

At TouchTribe, developers can work on exciting projects in a stimulating environment. We offer good employee benefits, salary and terms of employment (i.e. pension). TouchTribe provides education possibilities and stimulates you to expand your development talent. Because the company is entirely focussed on frontend and native app development sharing knowledge between coworkers is easy.

TouchTribe has grown explosively, but we have never lost sight of maintaining quality, reaching deadlines or having fun. Over the past years TouchTribe has worked with many interesting clients, like Rabobank, de Volkskrant and Simyo, on several high-end projects. Take a look at our project portfolio and let it speak for itself.

TouchTribe is a skill driven unit with an expertise in frontend and native app development. As part of the MakerStreet network we work closely with our sister companies on various appealing projects, all in the same building on the Prins Hendriklaan (next to the Vondelpark).

Key technologies

HTML, CSS, Javascript


If you think this is the job for you, then please contact:

Guido van Loon
t. (+31) 06 46 177 565