Fronteers — vakvereniging voor front-end developers

Job position: Various development roles at Competa (Randstad)

  • Geplaatst op: 01-12-2015


Competa builds software to meet the business needs of the most demanding customers. We work for large and mid-size multinationals in the financial sector, the entertainment industry and the government, amongst others.

As the world’s first Provider of Fair Trade Software we are helping to grow knowledge economies in developing countries and giving disadvantaged developers the opportunity to build awesome software as well as awesome careers. We are running a free to attend enterprise web development "BootCamp" in Kenya in partnership with the German government.

We believe in community. We support user groups like Fronteers and organise regular free to attend technical seminars at our conference center in Rijswijk.

Above all, we believe in the Web and the tools it is built upon. We have a passionate, skilled, and rapidly growing team of front end and full-stack web developers working on some of the biggest and most cutting edge projects in Europe.

We are looking for highly motivated people to join that team.

Senior Front End or Full Stack Developer

You are at the top of your game. You don’t just use frameworks, you extend them and bend them to your will. You have a proven track record working on enterprise projects in large organisations. The next step for you is to lead development teams and help the next wave of young engineers learn their craft.

Medior Front End or Full Stack Developer

You have a couple of years of experience during which you’ve built your skills, and now you are ready to take it to the next level. You know your languages and tools inside out, and you want to challenge yourself by taking part in huge projects while filling your CV with big names.

Junior Front End Developer

You have learned what you can from your current job, and you are looking for somewhere that you can grow by working with more experienced developers. You want a chance to learn and use the latest tools, frameworks and techniques. You know that you’re at the start of a long road, and you’re prepared to do whatever it takes to get to the other end.

A lot of our work is done on-site at customers throughout the Randstad (mostly Amsterdam, Utrecht and Den Haag), so please only get in touch if you are:

  • A team player.
  • Capable of working in both Dutch and English.
  • Prepared to travel for your work.

Interested? Send your CV and examples of your work to Jim Sangwine: (