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Job position: Front-End Developer at CleverºFranke (Utrecht)

  • Geplaatst op: 23-08-2016


Are you a gifted Front-End Developer who seeks an opportunity for constant innovation and growth? Apply now!


CLEVER°FRANKE combines strategy, design and technology to create data driven tools and experiences. We help organizations use the power of data and enable them to change. We try to push the boundaries of our discipline and deliver innovative, tempting and inspiring work.

We see ourselves as a world-class team that works passionately. We are committed, young, multi-disciplinary and ambitious, yet stay calm and relaxed. Depending on the problem to address, we either develop websites, apps, print artwork or interactive installations. We produce these for our international clients who are seeking innovation.

This gives our Front-End team the opportunity to expand their knowledge and expertise constantly and always work with the most recent frameworks.

Since CLEVER°FRANKE is growing steadily, we are looking for new Front-End Developer talent. Tell us your expertise and talents! We're very curious to hear what you're passionate about. At CLEVER°FRANKE we are looking for people with exceptional skills. You are ambitious, eager to learn and have a sharp eye for quality.

As a Front-End Developer your main responsibility is the development of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for our client and internal projects. You work in close harmony with designers and other developers.


  • A competitive salary;
  • Plenty of education opportunities;
  • Free lunch together with your colleagues every day;
  • Pension plans;
  • You'll receive a shiny new MacBook to write your code;
  • We provide you with the peripherals you need and a monitor with plenty of screen real estate;
  • Sitting/standing desks in the office.


  • Your ambition, eagerness to learn and have a sharp eye for quality;
  • Solid experience writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript;
  • Proven experience with one of the following or similar frameworks: AngularJS/React/Ember/Meteor or similar;
  • Expert knowledge of modern web technology.


  • When you are able to debug browser performance issues;
  • Have experience with visualizations libraries;
  • Have a strong affinity for User Experience Design.


Our office is located right in the city centre of Utrecht, next to the Janskerkhof. Every day we enjoy lunch together with the team. We have a garden where we have BBQ's and lunch outside if the weather permits. We have an open office plan with sitting / standing desks and our working schedules are flexible.

Education and employee happiness is very important to us. We have quarterly group sessions with the company with a team coach. We visit conferences, attend workshops and follow courses to stay up to date on the latest and greatest.

Utrecht is just around the corner from Amsterdam (20 minutes by train). It is a historical Dutch city and known for the largest tower in the Netherlands, the Dom Tower.


We work a lot with data and our workflow facilitates that. Our applications are written with a data-driven approach using whatever frameworks and libraries serve our needs best for any given project.

So far we've used AngularJS with D3 a lot. That said, we evolve our technology stack constantly. One of our next projects will be completely built using Webpack, Babel, Redux and React to create an Isomorphic web application. Have a preferred way of working yourself? We're open to exploring multiple options.

Our visualizations on the web are written from scratch with the help of the D3 library. Maybe you can help us rethink how we write data visualization with the next generation of JS frameworks?


It's important that all our developers can get up and running within minutes on any given project. We use Vagrant to achieve development environment consistency.

All code committed to our Git repositories is automatically checked for code and style linting errors and unit tested by our Continuous Integration server. Depending on the branch you work on your changes are automatically deployed to our development and/or staging servers.

Thanks to our streamlined and automated release process it's okay for developers to make mistakes. Either they get caught by automated testing or spotted as a bug on the staging environments. Even if a bug sneakily gets past our quality control line a rollback to a previous version is only a click away. Either way, bugs can be resolved quickly and easily without harming the end user experience.