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Job position: Front-end developer at VI Company (Rotterdam)

  • Geplaatst op: 19-08-2016

VI Company

Are you interested in technologies such as vanilla JavaScript (ES6), Sass and Git/NPM? And would you like to work on complex data-driven websites? Then VI Company might be the place for you.

Your team

We’re looking for a front-end developer who likes to work on complex projects with the latest techniques. In your team you work closely together with the designer and back-end developer.

Your team works on multiple bigger and smaller projects a year. In sprints of two weeks, you work on the user stories you wrote with the client and your team. After a sprint, you present your work to the client in a demo.

Our cases will give you a good impression of the type of projects we do. Don't panic if you don't have much knowledge of financial markets yet. It's great if you do, but if you are curious and willing to learn, we'd be happy to teach you all you need to know.

Front-end at VI Company

As a front-end developer you're responsible for creating a great cross-device user experience while writing clean, modular code and following the current Web Standards. As our designers also create HTML and CSS, it's up to you to work closely with them to come to the best solution and share knowledge. You also don't shy away from collaboration with our back-end developers by implementing some C# or Razor code.

In your project team, you’ll be the only front-end developer. Therefore it's important that you have relevant work experience and can work independently on the best front-end solutions. That doesn’t mean that you won’t learn from fellow front-enders. You’ll have regular pairing sessions with colleagues and you frequently meet with your discipline to share your work, experiences and new developments.

Our front-end developers like to work with the latest techniques such as ES6, preprocessors (Sass) and check their code with Linters (ESLint, Stylelint) and unit tests. They deeply value Web Standards, progressive enhancement, performance and accessibility. The front-end basics so to say.
To encourage you to keep growing as a front-end developer, you get a membership of Fronteers. We also provide academy days and a training budget.

Application procedure

So you’re interested? That’s great! What are the next steps?

You’ll apply through our application form, in English or Dutch. We aim to give you a reaction within two working days. We’re looking forward to getting to know you better and set up a first interview. Afterwards, we’ll invite you for a technical session with our front-end developers and a second interview.

If we’re both enthusiastic, we’ll make you a good offer and start counting down to your first day at VI Company.

Apply here for this job opening or read more about VI Company at our website.