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Job position: Front-end Developer at L1nda (Amsterdam)

  • Geplaatst op: 13-02-2017


Job description

L1NDA web app supports 4000 locations and 45.000 active users. Our staff planning tool is the market leader in the Dutch hospitality industry. We are a fast growing company with big ambitions and dreams and we are looking for ambitious team-mates who want to embark in this journey and grow with us.

Front-end position

L1NDA is looking for a new ​Front-end Developer​ to join our team. We are looking for all levels of experience.


The ​successful ​candidate will work on the core product, L1nda scheduling tool, as well as other products we intend to build. We follow Scrum with 2 weeks sprints, including demos, retrospectives and planning poker. Our user-stories and sub-tasks are documented in Jira.

Our culture

  • Open and honest: we admit our mistakes and learn from them. We never point fingers but work together to find solutions to the problems we face. In similar vein, we see failing as a good thing if it helps us learn and improve.
  • Our company structure is flat. Everyone is free to ask questions. Our 'functions' do not matter. We believe that good ideas are good regardless of who brings them up.
  • We encourage team members to take responsibility for their work and we expect everyone to contribute to shaping the future of the company.
  • We expect you to show passion about technology and a willingness to learn.

Experience Requirements

  • You are a team player and are willing to help out other team-members.
  • You can develop robust code and are familiar with writing test cases.
  • You have willingness to ask questions and think out of the box.

Interesting upcoming projects

  • Bringing the ​gig economy​ to the hospitality industry: helping businesses fill gaps in their schedules with detached personnel.
  • UX project: It should be fun to work with L1NDA - and according to our customers it already is! Still, we want to revamp the experience and make it suitable for a broader audience.


  • A full-time position in the heart of Amsterdam (Leidsestraat).
  • Part-time (32 hours minimum) is possible.
  • A competitive salary.
  • 25 days of holiday (on basis of 40 hours per week).
  • Training options available: self-study online or classroom training.
  • Flexitime.
  • Working from home is possible.
  • The best of both worlds: the enthusiasm and opportunities of a start-up with the stability that comes from working in a well-established company.


Front-end technologies

Experience or at least interest in the following technologies will be advantageous for this position:

  • ES6​: we are moving from the classic ES5 Javascript syntax to the newer language features published in 2015.
  • React.js components​: our web application is being converted from its current server-side page rendering shape to a client side single page web app composed of React components.
  • Jest unit testing​: ​automatic testing runs on our client-side business logic. The resulting code coverage reports allow us to deliver highly reliable functionality to our users.
  • Sass​: the style is being moved from CSS to Sass, so that our styling is more reusable.
  • Linting​: lint runs on both the Javascript and Sass code to advise on coding style consistency with a common set of rules.
  • Webpack bundling​: once parsed by Babel.js the React components are placed into a single bundle by Webpack.

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