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Job position: Frontend Developer at Studyflow (Amsterdam)

  • Geplaatst op: 19-04-2017


We are looking for a full-time Frontend Developer

Help us reimagine education, focusing on building beautiful and engaging frontend experiences which positively impacts the way our 90.000+ students learn. Share and learn from passionate and talented peers in a small and fun team (3 developers, 1 UX designer and 1 product designer).

We are Studyflow

A driven team of designers, didactical experts and developers working together to reinvent education in the digital age.

At Studyflow we are driven by our core values:

We strive to be the best we can be, both in our work and as human beings. We believe in the power of the individual and value freedom and responsibility in our work. We value collaboration, community and mutual respect, working together as one unified team. Finally, we believe it’s important to have fun, be happy and be yourself because life's too short to live inauthentically.

This is our team

We believe that curiosity and passion is the driving force behind all human achievement. Our mission is to inspire and excite our students by designing and enabling meaningful learning experiences. To fulfil this mission, we need your help!

This is what we expect

  • Strong CSS skills and understanding of CSS best practices, including mobile and responsive web design.
  • A very organized mind, you structure your work consistently
  • Experience working with Single Page Applications
  • A willingness to learn Clojurescript and functional programming
  • You are open-minded to feedback, driven by the continuous desire for self-improvement
  • You are a team player who enjoys discussing ideas and implementations with other engineers.
  • You are serious about the art of programming. You put pride in your work while continuously striving to combine the beautiful with the highly usable.

Bonus Points

  • Experience architecting and maintaining CSS for large applications
  • Familiarity with React/Redux
  • Familiarity with Clojurescript/Clojure or another functional programming language

We're at the office in Amsterdam on Tuesdays and Fridays. For the rest of the week we allow remote work. Our communication takes place through Slack, Skype and Asana.


So, you know who we are. Now we’d love to hear all about you! Check out and reply! Hopefully we’ll be able to welcome you in our Amsterdam office for a chat and a coffee very soon!