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Job position: Front-end Developer at Mollie (Amsterdam)

  • Geplaatst op: 26-06-2017


For our internal Development department we’re seeking a full time Front-end Developer. You’ll be working in a proactive team with specialised programmers who all are developing our renowned application for

Our Development department is a young and inspiring place where you will be working with the latest technologies. All in all: a challenging role with lots of potential and freedom, where you can and are expected to apply your own vision and creativity.  

Full-time · Amsterdam

Mollie briefly explained

Coders want to code. So you start on the Operations Team, where you get initiated to Mollie's constituent parts while burning through some backlog. After this brief introductory phase, you get to join one of our Project Teams, where you will (git-)commit to bravely disrupt the financial sector. You’ll be responsible for creating bold and beautiful APIs, instead of the cumbersome SOAP interfaces from hell the banks provide. You work on APIs that our customers love to use. Customers who are likely developers themselves.

Tinkering, disruption, and inclusivity are Mollie core values. In the first few years of existence, Mollie was a developer-only endeavour, and 14 years later devs and techs still comprise roughly 50% of all staff. As a natural consequence, a lot of things that enterprise businesses or pretend-to-be-start-ups are trying too hard to mimic, come quite natural to Mollie.

Obvious things. Like you pick whatever tools you want to use to get the job done. MacBooks, absurdly large or many screens, top-notch noise-cancelling headphones and whatever other equipment makes your nerd-boat float. We go to great lengths to create a space that allows you to focus on the things that will make you happy: shipping great features you helped dream up and build.

But also less obvious things. Like we take pride in diversity and encourage you to be you. Invite you to influence the product with fresh ideas, to be a crafts(wo)man producing beautiful code, to focus on skills you want to improve, to enjoy flexible employment and really take part. We invite you to focus on quality. Quality of both yourself and the product. Mollie boasts a next to flat organigram with as little hierarchy as we can get away with. And did we mention the fresh lunches prepared by our very own chef? Not only is lunch on the house, we even continue to pay you while you enjoy it.

Working at Mollie

As a Front End Developer you’ll be part of our Interactions team. You are responsible for all app’s and webpages which our clients are using on a daily base. For example, one day you are working on our React dashboard where our clients monitor and adjust their payments. We’re using popular libraries such as Redux but are critical on third party code, so we code and write a lot ourselves. The next day you will be adding a new payment method on our Marketing website. Maybe you scrape 200ms downtime of our homepage through converting our hero image to WebP. At Mollie we appreciate your input and new ideas. Like our Team-Lead Willem always says: ‘ We don’t have development monkeys, but we do give you a problem and trust that you will create an outstanding solution’. After 7,5 hours working and lunch you’ll be out again. We believe in sane working hours and long-term solutions, instead of 60 hours work weeks with temporary workarounds.

What we ask of you

  • You are a specialist in HTML and CSS. You understand Flexbox and know when to use <button> and when to use an <a>;
  • Your standard build is always responsive and with a little extra effort your pages load fast, even with a 3G connection;
  • You find progressive enhancement important and have interest in new techniques such as service workers;
  • You have knowledge of JavaScript and look further than jQuery. You don’t copy paste everything from StackOverflow and you dislike Spaghetti-code and callback-hell;
  • You are familiar with Git;
  • You have college or universal proficiency;
  • You are proactive and think in solutions;
  • Experience with Sass, React or ES2015 is a nice to have but not required.

What is offered to you?

  • A competitive salary;
  • Fresh lunches prepared by our very own chef;
  • Innovative company with ambitious plans;
  • Challenging activities with freedom and own initiatives;
  • A collegial team that works together to raise the Mollie standards;
  • Variety of learning opportunities such as books, interesting video courses and conferences.

If you’re interested in joining our team in Amsterdam please contact Arye Kirzner via or call us on 020-8202070.

Please be attentive to the requirements for this role and accompany your application with a short cover letter detailing why you’re right person for the job.

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