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Job position: Frontend developer at Withlocals (Eindhoven)

  • Geplaatst op: 09-03-2018


If you are a recruiter, don’t waste your breath. We are only interested in direct candidacies.

About Withlocals

Withlocals’ aim is to connect people and cultures through traveling. We work hard with locals around the world to give our guests unique and personalized travel experiences: together we show them the hidden gems of a city they would not discover otherwise.

Withlocals started 4 years ago, but it is only since last year’s investment that we are really taking off, on our way to become the market leaders for personalized travel experiences. So yes, you can call us a startup!

We have a small but brilliant development team of 8 developers, and we are part of an international bunch of over 40 people working together in our office in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands.

The frontend

The frontend team (3 of us) is creating a SPA in React and Flux from our current website. We do this by refactoring every module to our Cordova app. When we are done with this, we will roll out this new SPA to the web as well.

Next to good knowledge of JavaScript, TypeScript and CSS it’s important you have a good knowledge of functional and reactive programming (RxJS). You also know how to configure a webpack project. And, of course, you love building a memorable user experience!

The backend

You will be working on the frontend but it’s always good to know what your colleague backend developers are working on. And of course when you are interested in doing some backend work, you are more than welcome to explore it. A short list of buzzwords: Scala, Akka, Play Framework, AWS, Aurora / MySQL, Elasticsearch.

Things you will be working on

Some exciting things the frontend team is working on:

  • Create one SPA shared codebase for web and the Cordova app.
  • Server side rendering the SPA.
  • The rebranding of our website.
  • ...some secret things.

Still with us? Get in touch with our lead frontend developer Joep at to schedule an interview. We are excited to hear more about you!