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Job position Frontend Engineer at Voima (Helsinki, Finland)

  • Geplaatst op: 15-03-2021


Voima is hiring!

Helsinki, Finland 🇫🇮


English 🇬🇧 (required)

3 years (or more)


Building financial peace of mind

Voima is a Finnish company that offers a savings account that holds real gold, instead of euros. Counted in milligrams with digital access it is suitable for everybody, not just the wealthy. Our product is sustainable, responsible and fair. Our target audience is global and demographically diverse.

Growing rapidly Voima is in search of frontend talent to build our digital experiences. This includes a lot of innovation considering our ambitious roadmap en wide arrange of additional financial products to be offered.

With a keen eye for detail and a love for elegant solutions the Frontend Engineer is seasoned, creative and eager in writing the best HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SVG for our digital channels.

Voima is based in Helsinki, so if you are open for a change of scenery… this is a great opportunity to combine and enjoy a spectacular nature with a fascinating culture and meaningful work.

Tech stack

Our goal is to simplify and reduce as much as possible—we try not to start our days by downloading yet another new framework. We try to keep the IT debt to a minimum and do things properly the first time, instead of contriving hacky solutions just to meet a deadline. We strive to be independent and always critically evaluate if we truly need third-party dependencies in a project. We care deeply about security of our software and we follow secure coding practices.

In short: Simplify, reduce dependencies and get back to the basics.

As regards to tech stack, here are some of the Frontend technologies we use:

  • Basic web languages: HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript (not the framework)
  • Native Android and iOS
  • Git

Work environment

You will be working in a small team of in-house developers with a wide range of differing skills. Our development team follows the SCRUM method. We have lots of options what to work on and interesting problems to solve related to many different fields in front of and behind the scenes.

We aim for healthy KPIs to track development: we feel like, for example, measuring work by hours does not reflect developer productivity, neither does the number of closed tickets. It is somewhere in between.


  • is a burgeoning fintech company, with an international staff of 19, over 100 investors and Customers from over 20 countries.
  • is a great opportunity to have lasting impact.
  • offers an inspiring work atmosphere.
  • provides you with up-to-date equipment, software and hardware.
  • supports personal and professional development on a daily basis.
  • believes in inhouse capabilities—solutions are always in reach.
  • has its premises by the Old Church Park in Bulevardi, Helsinki—a location where culture and commerce are elegantly interwoven.
  • has employees from various walks of life.
  • offers excellent pay for excellent work.

Role and tasks

You will

  • take ownership and responsibility of Voima’s frontend development under the Lead Developer.
  • develop Voima’s website and the user experience of products including Voima’s website, native apps and internal tools.
  • consistently ship small features and improvements with minimal guidance and support from other team members.
  • collaborate with the team on larger projects.
  • learn from, collaborate and teach other developers. After all, everyone can contribute something new to the team regardless of how long they’ve been in the industry.
  • help improve the efficiency of developers by innovating internal tooling to make development more efficient across departments.
  • identify areas of improvement in the code bases and help contribute to make them better.
  • fix prioritised issues provided by other departments related to the frontend. These are typically bugs or small feature additions to Voima’s products, website and internal tools.

Your skills and abilities

As a Frontend Developer, you

  • are a master web developer who writes excellent CSS, HTML, SVG and JavaScript.
  • have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of web and browser technology (eg. how the browser parses and constructs a web page; CORS; SEO; performance; accessibility; internationalisation; etc.)
  • show expertise on principles, best practices, industry standards, methods and processes of frontend development.
  • are an enthousiast writing vanilla code, especially JavaScript.
  • know the basics of mobile platforms (Android and iOS) and how to integrate web technology.
  • have experience using Git in a professional environment.
  • are effective in communication, doing code reviews, achieving consensus with peers, pro-actively giving clear status updates or writing code that your team mates understand.
  • easily align with UX designers and are capable of delivering pixel perfect, smooth and robust experiences. You constructively challenge designers when their designs do not fit technical specifications, or better alternatives should be considered.
  • use data and reason to make decisions and convince others.
  • have experience in Agile/Scrum ways of working.
  • inspire, challenge and support your colleagues to deliver quality, innovate and execute on their part.
  • are a peak performer who brings fun on top of devotion.

As a Voima employee, you

  • believe that hard work does matter and that people deserve sound money.
  • aim not only to win one round but to score a total triumph.
  • solve problems by offering solutions and by requesting solutions.
  • have good contextual insight in general.
  • are motivated, self-driven and energetic.
  • appreciate and demonstrate craftsmanship and expertise.
  • can take responsibility and think things through.
  • are well-organised, detail-oriented and risk aware.
  • are analytical and know how to structure your thoughts.
  • can communicate clearly and speak up.
  • are comfortable with both giving and receiving feedback.
  • want to grow and enjoy seeing others grow and succeed.

How to apply?

Send us an email

We want to hear more about you. Tell us about your skills, strengths and knowledge, but even more importantly about yourself. What do you love to do? Send us an email and CV attached (in English or Finnish) to:

Thank you!