Fronteers 10, 10th Fronteers Conference 5-6 October 2017

Live Talk Transcription at Fronteers Conference 2017

We offer live transcription of all talks at our conference. A team of specialised stenographers will be transcribing the talks for you in English. Transcriptions will be shown on an extra, 80” screen installed on the theatre stage.

This way, we aim to make the conference more accessible and to make following along with our excellent speakers even more comfortable for everyone.

Live transcription illustration, and image of stenographer Kimberly Turnage (photo by Peter Peerdeman)

Our chief stenographer is Kimberly Turnage, who has also provided our audience with excellent transcriptions during Fronteers Spring Conference and Fronteers Conference 2016. Kimberly has provided transcriptions at many other technology and tech industry events. She's an expert in the field of web development and its terminology, ensuring in-depth and accurate transcriptions of all the talks and discussions.

If you want to know more about this service or have related questions, please get in touch with us!