Fronteers 10, 10th Fronteers Conference 5-6 October 2017

Workshop: Clouduboy build-your-own-console, with Flaki

Clouduboy Workshop

Clouduboy is a set of tools, libraries and apps Flaki has been working on in the past few years, trying to figure out the best way to bring software and hardware/microcontrollers closer to people. In this workshop, we'll use the Clouduboy arsenal to assemble, build, and code our own game consoles with JS-based games.

Screen recording of Clouduboy tools in action

At Fronteers Conference, you will get a chance to try the special Clouduboy coding-quick-start tutorials that are not released for the public yet. You will also get full access to these (and future) tutorials, should you want to continue learning after the workshop is over.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Code newbies and UX/UI designers
  • Developers interested in games/hardware programming
  • Developers interested in web development

With the tools from this workshop, you can share your games & creations online with anyone and play others' games on the tiny console you just built yourself. Because it's just the Web.

All this and the blissful satisfaction of having created your very own personal game, or having re-created timeless classics like Space Invaders or pocket-sized hit of '97, Snake! You are taking away useful learnings of JavaScript, the web and electronics/microcontrollers, while not having to worry about falling asleep halfway through!

Hands-on, self-paced learning

This is a hands-on workshop, with a relatively short intro followed by mentored, self-directed learning. After the workshop is over you retain access to the IDE and everything else, so you can continue learning.

What you’ll need

What you’ll get (to keep)

  • A set of microcontrollers and game hardware you will get to assemble yourself!

About István "Flaki" Szmozsánszky


István Szmozsánszky (@slsoftworks), or Flaki, for short, is a JavaScript engineer & trainer from Budapest. He runs his own consulting business Skylark, is a Frontend Trainer at DPC Consulting and a longtime Mozilla contributor. He's worked on, and continues to contribute to various open source projects like Firefox, Firefox OS, Rust, Servo and the Tessel Project. He's a frequent speaker at conferences, and an organizer himself. His favorite topics include service workers, progressive webapps, JavaScript's history, internals, and JS on microcontrollers — more often than not he's even caught prophesying JavaScript's world domination. ;)