Fronteers 10, 10th Fronteers Conference 5-6 October 2017

Workshop: Responsive Design Workflow, with Stephen Hay

Responsive Design Workflow

Forget fixed-width mockups and overproduced wireframes. Yesterday’s web design deliverables fail to take into account the demands of responsive web design. Stephen will introduce a new workflow for today’s web.

This workshop is geared toward designers who aren’t afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone, as well as front-end developers who are heavily involved in the design process. Designers will be encouraged to consider using code and other developer tools in order to make their work easier and their design deliverables more effective.

In this workshop, you'll learn

  • A content-based approach to designing for the web
  • The why and how of low-fi responsive wireframes
  • How to “design in text” and use plain text markup as a base for design mockups
  • How making a “linear design” can simplify the responsive design process
  • How to determine breakpoints, as well as how to visualize and design for them
  • An underused method of using good, old-fashioned sketching to generate ideas
  • How responsive, web-based design mockups are an effective alternative to static mockups (yes, even more useful than "flexible" Sketch mockups!)
  • How to present your web-based design mockups

Who is it for?

This workshop is intended for designers, developers and everybody else who is dealing with responsive design regularly or wants to improve their web design processes in general.

What hardware/software do you need?

Please bring your own laptop with a text editor of your choice.

About Stephen Hay

Stephen Hay

Californian by birth and Dutchman by choice, Stephen (@stephenhay) is an art director, designer-who-codes, and writer. He designed and built his first website in 1995 while art directing for a design firm. He left print behind. The things that happened after that could turn a conference bio into a book—a thriller, even. Stephen is currently Head of UX at online auction platform Catawiki.

Stephen wrote the book Responsive Design Workflow, which is all about content first, progressive enhancement, low-fi wireframing, and browser-based prototyping.