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W3C Advisory Board meetup

On the 18th of June the W3C Advisory Board is in Amsterdam for a meeting. They would like to take the opportunity to meet with the local community of front-end enthusiasts!

The W3C Advisory Board is a group of elected professionals (elected by the W3C Advisory Committee), responsible for discussing strategy, finances, governance and various other important matters. The W3C Advisory Board provides advice on all these topics.

Join us on the 18th of June for a meetup organised by the W3C Advisory Board and Fronteers and learn more about this side of the W3C. How does the W3C work as a consortium, what does the pipeline for specifications look like, what the W3C expects for the future and how front-end developers can get involved at the various stages of work of the W3C.

This meetup is open to everyone interested in Front-End development, member or non-member of Fronteers.

Meetup details

The meetup will be held at Werkspot. The doors will be open from 18:30h, so you can join us for a bite to eat and a drink, before we are going to start the meetup at approximately 19:30h!

The food will include vegetarian options too. If you have any other dietary wishes or restrictions, please let us know.

Venue address

Herengracht 469-4
1017 BS Amsterdam
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Venue accessibility information

There are stairs at the venue leading to the main entrance of the building. If you want to join the meetup, but you are having walking difficulties or are in a wheelchair, please let us know in advance. We will provide the possibility to visit us, using a different entrance. The venue has an elevator which will lead to the floor where the meetup is held. If you need any assistance, please let us know. There are no accessible/disabled toilets present at the venue.

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