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Fronteers 2015 Jam Session

No Fronteers conference would be the same without the Jam Session to kick things off the night before. That is why we are thrilled to announce the continuation of this six year tradition with this year's Jam Session taking place October 7th, 2015 from 20:30 till 01:00 (venue will be open at 20:15).
See further details at the bottom of this page.


We'll bring a projector, a screen, microphones and some connecting cables. Furthermore, we'll pay the beer bill. You will have to do the rest by visiting the Jam Session or even giving a talk. Each presentation can last for a maximum of ten minutes. The shorter, the better.
Last five years the atmosphere was overcrowded, hot and steamy. Most likely it will be overcrowded, hot and steamy this year too.

Battle of the Year: The thrilla 'bout vanilla

@brucel presents @ppk v @jaffathecake on The Future of the Web

So, browsers should stop adding new features for about a year and focus on stability. No they shouldn't. Yes they should. And surely the Web beats native. No it doesn't. Yes it does.

Turning their oscillating online outing into a decidedly destructive down-to-earth diatribe - for one night only - in the blue corner: it's Peter-Paul "The Wall" Koch, QuirksMode's quaestor, and in the red corner, it's Young Jaffa, the boy bashful, the Web's wondrous wizard: Jake "The Cake" Archibald. Presented and moderated like no other, in the Amsterdam 2015 Fronteers Jam Session Arena, by that inimitable imperator, Opera's own Ozymandias, Fronteers's MC, Mr: Bruce "The Law" Lawson.

Step up, then, one and all, and do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime event: In their thrilling twenty-minute timeslot, these two men enter, and only one shall win... YOU, the audience!

And we have talks

20:30 - 20:33
Introduction by MC's Anne van Kesteren and Koen Willems

20:35 – 20:40
A song about front-end by Paul Verbeek
A song honoring the broad technical skillset a front-end developer has to deal with. Might be a bit off-key and off the beat.

20:42 – 20:52
Front-end Frameworks Extravaganza by Jeroen Heijmans
Frameworks come at a cost, but can help immensely in development, especially with line of business applications many of us write. Knowing which to pick, or even which ones are there can be a challenge. I'll take a few minutes to present a helpful (but opinionated) overview, and add to that the intriguing promise of also showcasing them without going into overtime...

20:54 – 21:04
Building React Components Library by Robert Haritonov
React provides a great foundation for building and implementing reusable components, that whole team (and community) could greatly benefit from. But to make the code actually reusable, it should be properly presented and documented.
Robert will guide you through the key patterns of building React components library with proper navigation, rendered examples sandbox and API description.

21:06 – 21:16
Rebuild your own React by Sergey Berezhnoy is a React-inspired library for building web interfaces. In his talk Sergey will talk about the basic ideas behind it, like speed, lightweight ans simplicity. Furthermore this talk is aboud the process if reassembling things as a method to understand them deeply.

21:18 – 21:28
Fancy Input Elements with Web Components by Kristofer Walters
I start with an input[type=range] element and step by step add web components stuff to it. The result is a star rating widget, as seen on amazon et al.

21:43 – 22:03
The battle of the year
Peter Paul Koch versus Jake Archibald moderated by Bruce Lawson

22:05 – 22:15
CSS is like sex by Bart Oleszczyk
This talk is not about sex, but in fact about cooking eggs (and CSS of course).

22:17 – 22:27
Make Them Click by Roy Tomeij
Whether you want it or not, you're the constant victim of neuro-marketing. By tapping into your "reptile brain", you are unconsciously made to click, like and buy. Let's take a look at some proven techniques to trick your mind (on and off line). You'll learn how to see others' influence on you, and maybe to exert some influence of your own.

22:42 – 22:52
Smart eCommerce Design Patterns by Vitaly Friedman
In the end, it's all about checkouts and conversion rates, isn't it? In this short talk, we'll look at some practical techniques and strategies on improving conversion with better form design — using modern technologies and innovative examples.

22:54 – 23:04
The art of selling tickets by Jan van Hellemond
This year, for the first time ever, Fronteers used a custom built ticketshop to sell tickets to the conference and workshops. Although there are many options available for selling tickets online without having to build something yourself, most are... not very good. And even the good ones tend to have a quirk or two and can be quite expensive.
I would like to give a little insight into building a robust and resilient webshop that can handle a generous peak load without breaking itself or the bank.

23:06 – 23:16
A eulogy for Internet Explorer, 1995 — 2015 by Niels Leenheer
This summer Microsoft released Windows 10. For us web developers this is important, because for the first time since Windows 95 SR1, Internet Explorer is no longer the default browser.Its my opinion now would be an appropriate moment to say goodbye to Internet Explorer.

23:18 – 23:28
Designing with “real” data by Andreas Dantz
Break your designs early and save a lot of time and money. It doesn't matter if you design in the browser or mock things up in Sketch or Photoshop. A few examples and methodologies from past projects.

23:43 – 23:53
7 Things You Always Wanted To Know About A11Y by Jules Ernst
Or 6 or 8. Last year I've been testing lots of sites. On the subject of accessibility often the same mistakes are made.

23:55 – 00:05
Declarative templates for HTML by Vladimir Grinenko
We all love declarativeness of CSS. Why not to use same approach for HTML templates as well?
Vladimir will share the experience they've got at Yandex.

00:07 – 00:17
Styling books by Oleg Mokhov
What if you need just read a book in browser? This talk is about styling books and making them readable and convenient to read. CSS Columns, flexible images, annotations and something even more.

How to learn about web accessibility without going crazy by Eric Eggert
In this talk, the audience will learn how to crack open the accessibility information that is out there and what tools and help is provided so they can understand the opportunities that an accessible web site creates. It will also have a brief look into how accessibility can be assessed and communicated to the responsible parties.

Join us

Of course we'll also need some attendees, so if you're coming to Fronteers 2015, and you're in Amsterdam the night before the conference, please sign up for the Jam Session as well. All presentations will be recorded and put online as well, so if you want to skip some talks and have a drink and chat downstairs, that's up to you. But up- and downstairs we expect the venue to be packed, overcrowded, hot and steamy!


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When: Wednesday October 7th, 20:30-01:00 (venue will be open at 20:15)
Venue: Kapitein Zeppos, a charming bar in the centre of Amsterdam
Address: Gebed Zonder End 5, 1012 HS Amsterdam