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Fronteers 2015 tickets

All tickets to Fronteers 2015 have sold out through our shop,

Tickets were sold in three batches, each three weeks apart. The bulk was sold on May 29, when we kicked off sales with a launch party. After that the, batches put on sale on June 19 and July 10 sold out in minutes.

Ticket prices

Fronteers 2015 ticket prices (excluding 21% VAT)
Conference ticket, 2 days €345,00
Workshop ticket, 1 day €345,00
Conference ticket (with membership discount), 2 days €270,00
Workshop ticket (with membership discount), 1 day €270,00

Member discount

Members of the Fronteers professional association are entitled to a €75 discount on the tickets. Discount tickets can only be used by members of Fronteers whose membership started on or before May 14, 2015.

Terms and conditions

The Fronteers 2015 terms and conditions apply to all ticket sales.