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Use CSS transitions for pseudo-elements right now by Roman Komarov

New CSS properties like transitions, gradients and, of course, pseudo-elements — :before and :after. People use them to create complex things just on a single html element, for some extra decorations without any bloated markup and for so much more. However, pseudo-elements have a major drawback — you couldn't use CSS transitions on them. Until now! Right now the only browser who know how to transition values on pseudos is FireFox. But I'll talk about the method any modern browser would understand — and by which any modern browser could show you transitions for most of the CSS properties right on the pseudo-elements. It's a hacky, quirky way, it won't work for any property, but it's better than nothing — with transitions on pseudo-elements a lot of things would be possible — and I'll show some live examples during my talk.


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