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Fronteers 2012 workshops

Just like previous Fronteers editions we'll be hosting two workshops prior to the conference. Unlike previous years both workshops will take place on the same day: Wednesday, 3 October.

JavaScript Web Apps & Tooling by Addy Osmani

Learn how to build highly maintainable web applications using modern JavaScript frameworks and a polished tooling workflow. Addy will take you through how to refactor your applications so that they’re more maintainable, taking you through modern architectural design patterns, frameworks and tools that can help make writing an app a joy again. More information.

Visual Design 101 for Web Developers by Mark Boulton

Visual design is not magic, or the result of some God-given talent. Anyone can achieve it by applying rules, techniques and practice.
Mark’s workshop will cover the basics of visual design. From collaborative idea generation and visualising ideas, to the fundamentals of typography, grid design, composition and colour theory. More information.


Felix Meritis
Keizersgracht 324
1016 EZ Amsterdam

Additional info

  • Price: tickets cost € 350,- (€ 275,- for Fronteers members). Combo tickets for workshop + conference are also available and cost € 700,- (€ 550,- for members).
  • What: a one-day workshop, lunch included
  • Where: Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam
  • When: Wednesday, 3 October 2012, the day before the conference

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