Fronteers — vakvereniging voor front-end developers

Fronteers 2009 speakers

Dion Almaer

Dion is the founder of Ajaxian, a web community. He is an ex-pat Brit living in Palo Alto, CA, and works for Mozilla on Open Web developer tools.

Douglas Crockford

Douglas is a senior JavaScript Architect at Yahoo! He is well known for his work in introducing JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). He will explain JavaScript Security.

Thomas Fuchs

Thomas' famous framework was created during the development of one of the most highly interactive applications the Web had ever seen, and he's continued to push the boundaries of what is possible with JavaScript. has gone on to be used in such web sites & applications as,, and more.

In addition to being a Prototype core member and Rails core alumnus, Thomas is one of the world's top JavaScript and rich web app performance experts, and has co-authored JavaScript Performance Rocks! with his wife, Amy. He's a partner at slash7, a digital consultancy that specializes in the creating interface uncommon.

Ben Galbraith

Ben is a frequent technical speaker, occasional consultant, and author of several Java-related books. He is a co-founder of, an experienced Chief Technical Officer and Enterprise Java Architect, and is presently a consultant specializing in enterprise architecture and Swing/Ajax development. Ben wrote his first computer program when he was six years old, started his first business at ten, and entered the IT workforce just after turning twelve.

Stephen Hay

Native Californian Stephen is co-founder and Creative Director of Cinnamon Interactive, one of the first web design and development firms to successfully combine professional visual design with open web standards and accessibility best practices, back when layout tables were the norm.

Stephen has been designing for the Web since 1995. He has written articles for A List Apart, NaarVoren and ChangeThis. Aside from his client work, he speaks and writes on the subjects of web accessibility, open standards, design and creativity. He sporadically publishes his thoughts at

He is possibly the only visual designer who loves the vim editor.

Christian Heilmann

Chris is a geek and hacker by heart. He’s been a professional web developer for about eleven years and worked his way through several agencies up to Yahoo where he delivered Yahoo Maps Europe and Yahoo Answers.

He’s written two and contributed to three books on JavaScript, web development and accessibility, lead distributed teams as a manager and made them work with one another and released dozens of online articles and hundreds of blog posts in the last few years.

He’s been nominated standards champion of the year 2008 by .net magazine in the UK and currently sports the fashionable job title “International Developer Evangelist” spending his time going from conference to conference and university to university to speak and train people on systems provided by Yahoo and other web companies that want to make this web thing work well for everybody.

Molly Holzschlag

Molly is a well-known Web standards advocate, instructor, and author working for Opera Software. She is a former Group Lead for the Web Standards Project (WaSP) and an invited expert to the HTML and GEO working groups at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). She will discuss the importance of interoperability and standards compliance on the mobile platform.

Peter-Paul Koch

Peter-Paul is a freelance front-end consultant, agent, and trainer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He has won international renown with his browser compatibility research, frequently speaks at conferences, has founded Fronteers, the Dutch association of front-end professionals, (as well as this conference) and advises browser vendors on their implementation of the web standards.

On the Web he is universally known as ppk. Since early 2009 he has been totally swallowed by the mobile web.

He feels like Caesar when he talks about himself in the third person, but he will not conquer Gaul. More importantly, he will not write his memoirs in Latin.

Pete LePage

Pete is a Senior Product Manager working on Internet Explorer at Microsoft. Pete started using and developing on the web in the mid-90's creating his first website on GeoCities. Since then, Pete has moved on to bigger and better things. For the last two years, he's been working with the IE. Before his role in Product Management, Pete was a tester on Visual Studio's web design components.

In his spare time, Pete is an active photographer, having completed his Thesis in Fine Art Photography.

Laurens van den Oever

Laurens is the CEO of Xopus BV and lead architect of the Xopus Editor. Laurens has spent the last 7 years improving the performance and quality of both the Xopus product and the company supporting it. He leads the development team on their quest to squeeze that last bit of performance from today’s browsers. He tries to interlace his management work with as much JavaScript development as possible.

John Resig

John is a JavaScript Tool Developer for the Mozilla Corporation and the author of the book Pro JavaScript Techniques. He's also the creator and lead developer of the jQuery JavaScript library.

Currently, John is located in Boston, MA. He's hard at work on his second book, Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, due in bookstores in 2009.

Martin Savelkoul

Martin started as a front-end developer at Mirabeau in 2006 and moved to the Eindhoven area in 2007 to lay the foundation for front-end development in a new office. While working on large projects his interest in optimizing the workflow around front-end development started to grow even more. Currently he's working on redesigning the complete front-end for clients such as

Jonathan Snook

A web designer and developer based in Ottawa, Canada, Jonathan Snook is a gifted creator of striking designs, impeccable markup and code, and forward thinking ideas and applications. His fluency and expertise in CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL make him the “turn-to” man for agencies, high-profile clients, and fellow web developers.

From front-end work to hardcore server-side challenges, Jonathan shares tips, tricks and bookmarks regularly for his blog, He's also coauthored two acclaimed books: Accelerated DOM Scripting with Ajax, APIs, and Libraries, and the approachable, widely-read The Art and Science of CSS.

Steve Souders

Steve works at Google on web performance and open source initiatives, and previously served as Chief Performance Yahoo!. Steve is the author of High Performance Web Sites and Even Faster Web Sites. He created YSlow, the performance analysis plug-in for Firefox. He serves as co-chair of Velocity, the web performance and operations conference from O'Reilly, and is co-founder of the Firebug Working Group. He recently taught CS193H: High Performance Web Sites at Stanford University.

Nicole Sullivan

Nicole is an evangelist, front-end performance consultant, CSS Ninja, and author. She started the Object-Oriented CSS open source project, which answers the question: how do you scale CSS for millions of visitors or thousands of pages? She also consulted with the W3C for their beta redesign, and is the co-creator of, an image optimization service in the cloud. She is passionate about CSS, web standards, and scalable front-end architecture for large commercial websites. Nicole speaks about performance at conferences around the world, most recently at The Ajax Experience, ParisWeb, and Web Directions North.

She co-authored Even Faster Websites and blogs at