Fronteers — vakvereniging voor front-end developers

Fronteers 2010 workshops

In the two days before the conference we hosted two workshops. We limited the maximum number of people attending to 30.

Bringing Your Design to Life with CSS3 by Dan Rubin, October 5th

Designers rejoice! Web Standards are not just for people who care about accessibility and compatibility across devices and platforms anymore: they are fast becoming the core tools of some of the best sites, apps, and experiences on the web; and with the latest browsers including support for all of CSS2.1, much of CSS3, and increasingly, HTML5, designers can now call these tools our friends.

In this full day of practical examples and exercises, Dan will show you how today’s leading sites are using advanced CSS to move some of the visual heavy-lifting to the browsers. We’ll examine live sites, then take them apart to see how their designers are using CSS to implement visual design, and how they degrade in less-than-modern browsers. We’ll also build and test an example design to see just how easy (and practical) it is to incorporate advanced CSS in your designs, taking you from Photoshop to HTML/CSS so you’ll leave with the experience and confidence of having put these capabilities to use. More information

Advanced CSS styling by Andy Clarke, October 6th

Modern web browsers are now better capable of rendering advanced CSS than ever before. From highly targeted CSS selectors to new ways to work with layout, colour and typography, if you are a web designer or developer, working with CSS has never been more exciting.

‘Advanced CSS Styling’ is a unique one-day master class presented by Andy Clarke, designer and author of the best-selling Transcending CSS. Spend the day with Andy learning how to use the most up-to-date CSS techniques in your everyday work. More information


Felix Meritis, Kremlin room
Keizersgracht 324
1016 EZ Amsterdam